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Tube Net Installation by Numen/For Use in South Tyrol, Italy

Numen/For Use

As part of the second edition of Art & Nature held in Merano during the Spring Festival, Croatian/Austrian design collective Numen/For Use suspended a bouncy net tunnel within the tree tops. The idea was to respond to the context and develop a dialogue between the installation and the natural environment/landscape – in this case the gnarly branches and lush foliage of the several magnificent pine-trees growing in the village park.

Numen/For Use took the undulating caterpillar of the Tube on a spiralling walk through the tree tops, suspending it from the branches and massive trunks, with additional fixtures on the grass terrain below. Due to the visual richness of the trees, the structural tendons are rendered almost invisible, adding to the wonder effect of a levitating forest skyway.

 tube-net-installation-by-numenfor-use-in-south-tyrol-italy-2 tube-net-installation-by-numenfor-use-in-south-tyrol-italy-3 tube-net-installation-by-numenfor-use-in-south-tyrol-italy-4 tube-net-installation-by-numenfor-use-in-south-tyrol-italy-5 tube-net-installation-by-numenfor-use-in-south-tyrol-italy-6 tube-net-installation-by-numenfor-use-in-south-tyrol-italy-7

all images courtesy of Numen/For Use | H/t designboom