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Twitter Vs Instagram: Which Is the Best For Business in 2021?

Twitter Vs Instagram: Which Is the Best For Business in 2021?

Twitter vs Instagram, this has always been one of the biggest debates and has been one of the most common questions asked by marketers and people who want to widen their reach across the globe. While both of these social media platforms have their own perks and cons, the question always come down to which one is the better one for marketing and advertising? While Instagram is taking the social media market by storm, Twitter is not far behind. Twitter was one of the leading forces in the marketing world, and marketers stormed into the social media platform with their content for the consumers. While Twitter did lose its lead when Instagram came into market, it is still one of the leading forces.

One of the main reasons why Twitter and Instagram are compared is because of how similar they are. So, let us go to see which one is the better social media platform from the business perspective.


Looking at the demographics which are provided, you can clearly see the age of the most active users on both the social media platforms are very similar, and so is the income and location parameters of both the social media platforms. The most active age group on both the social media platforms is about eighteen year old’s to twenty nine year old’s, and as the age group value increases, there is a fall in the number of people who use the social media platforms. 

This means that both of  the social media platform is actually popular among people in college or are fresh out of college, so keep in mind what and who exactly are your target audience going to be, what is their age group and what will be their needs and wants, and if your brand and business will cater to their wants or not, depending on their age group. 

So, if you are looking at that age group, then Instagram is your best bet, not that Twitter is not, but if your business is looking for a younger age group, Instagram win. But if your business is looking for a slightly older age group, Twitter is your best bet, and wins hands down. Read this article by EarthWeb to learn more about Twitter.

Live features

While Twitter does provide the option of sharing live content with users, it does not allow options where the users can directly interact with each other. This means that when you want to share news, or any sort of content directly, especially with your followers and customers, it loses out here, while Twitter does have a content scheduling feature, the chances of your tweet getting lost on the social media platform is high, especially when you do not have the relevant and trending content to share on. 

Coming to Instagram, Instagram does have the option of going live where you can directly communicate and interact with your followers and customers which definitely helps in increases your engagement and widening your reach among people who follow you. 

If you are a digital marketer or if you are someone looking at ways to get exposure to your brand, you are going to look for ways in order to attract customers and interact with them. Instagram allows you to do this, in fact it promotes this in order to increase screen time of the users.

 Twitter Vs Instagram: Which Is the Best For Business in 2021?

Selling and advertising your products

When it comes to twitter, Twitter does allow ads and posts that are sponsored but they are not as effective as you would want them to be especially when compared to the sponsored ads of Instagram, and how effective they are. 

Another thing about Twitter as a social media platform is that you cannot monetize the tweets you tweet and therefore, you can only use the social media platform to promote and gain exposure to your brand and the products and services it offers, another thing is that when it comes to selling products on the social media platform you can only provide links to your products, the users cannot directly shop from the platform itself unlike Instagram. 

While this does mean indirect traffic to your website, it could also mean that you may lose potential sales. Coming to Instagram, this platform is much more suited for the advertising and the selling of your products and services as the user interface is much more easier to navigate and understand. 

Moreover, you can even monetize your posts and earn money from the stories and the content you upload. Instagram also has a feature where you can sell your products through the posts by just linking the products on your post itself which will directly lead the user to your website in a much hazzle free channel for the user. Getting more likes, comments and shares on your Instagram posts will also improve your audience base on Instagram.

While both the social media platform have their own perks and cons, Instagram is better suited when it comes to marketing because of its feature, but then again, it also depends on a lot of factors, and on your needs as well. It would also be smart if you do research on your audience and determine which social media platform is much more better suited for your business.