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Types of Garage Door Springs

Types of Garage Door Springs

If you ever need to choose a garage door spring for your newly installed doors, which type of spring should you choose? Unlike hundreds of door designs and variations you can choose for your garage door, there are only two choices when it comes to springs.

There are only two primary types of springs for your garage door; the extension spring and the torsion spring. Both springs are different in mechanism; however, they don’t differ in function. Torsion springs and tension springs provide enough force to support the door panels within the tracks.

A professional garage door repair service should assess your chosen doors before choosing the spring. The decision alone doesn’t fall on whether the spring looks pleasant or aesthetic. Choose the garage door springs that give the optimal support for your door and the size that works best.

Extension Spring

Tension force makes extension garage door springs work to support the door panels along the tracks. A linear coil extension stores force to help support a closed garage. On the other hand, a compressed spring means there isn’t any tension as the spring has already lifted the door panels.

Extension springs run parallel to the overhead tracks and the door opener of the garage. You need to have both springs on the left and right sides of the door panels. Balance is necessary to prevent any danger from unsupported weights of the door.

Torsion Spring

Torque is the main force at play in torsion garage door springs. As the torsion springs wind, it releases energy to rotate about the spring rod. The rotation carries the door panels towards the overhead track. Unlike extension springs, torsion springs don’t stretch and compress.

Torsion springs are on top of the door frame all the time. Another difference is this: you can opt to have only one torsion spring if capable enough to lift the entire garage door. The balance comes from a well-positioned rod on top of the entrance.

 Types of Garage Door Springs

Extension vs. Torsion Spring System

You finally come to the end of your decision-making for the next types of garage door springs for the mechanism. Which should you choose for your garage, an extension garage door spring or a torsion garage door spring?

If you choose the extension spring system, the main benefit comes from getting lower costs. Extension springs are generally more affordable than torsion springs. 

If you choose a torsion spring system, the advantage is durability. Torsion springs have thicker coils since they don’t need to stretch and compress every time to provide the force for the movement of the door panels.

Either way, as you choose the next garage door spring, always do the necessary preparations. Take the measurements of your garage door and make sure that you get the correct size of spring. Spending on the wrong spring can cost you the spring, your garage doors, and the safety inside your garage. 

In case you’re not sure, you should contact a garage door repair in Brentwood, Tennessee, and have experienced technicians take a look at your garage door. You can find a service close to you with the help of an online business directory.