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Ulimate Guide to Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Ulimate Guide to Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds are and will always be a girls’ best friend. For those who would like something truly unique, coloured diamonds also known as fancy coloured diamonds, offer an exciting and showstopping moment. In this piece, I will be discussing a variety of coloured diamonds, how to choose them, as well as the investment opportunity. 

Let’s jump right in. 

First, what are fancy coloured diamonds? 

Simply put a coloured diamond is a natural diamond found in various countries around the world. The unique colour range is achieved through exposure to various chemical and mineral compounds.  Here are a few examples:

  • Yellow Diamonds are created from Nitrogen
  • Blue and Grey diamonds from Boron
  • Radiation creates green diamonds
  • A change in electron structure creates red and pink diamonds 

Depending upon the rarity and quality, the cost for a coloured diamond will vary. Pink and red, for example, due to the rarity of this occurrence of structural change as they come into the earth’s atmosphere, as well as the fact that they are only found in Africa, Australia, and Brazil, making them exceptionally valuable. 

Other coloured diamonds are more affordable, and due to their uniqueness, they are perfect for jewellery as well as investments. 

How to buy a coloured diamond

Similar to colourless diamonds, each diamond must be certified by a world-recognized standard, such as the GIA or other respected body. The Gemological Institute of America is well-known for creating the 4 C’s as a standard for grading diamonds. The 4 C’s are:

  1. Carat
  2. Colour
  3. Clarity
  4. Cut 

When it comes to coloured diamonds all of these are relevant except for clarity as this only applies to colourless diamonds. The colour grade for colourless diamonds also differs. Let’s take a natural blue diamond for sale as an example. 

For natural blue diamond for sale, the cost will depend upon how vivid and deep the blue is of your diamond. The range begins at faint, then very light and light. These are low value and unless you want a grey tone which can look beautiful with other coloured pieces, you will want to focus on the fancy colour range. 

Fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep, provide an extraordinary range of blues. As mentioned above, the blue is created from Boron and the richer blues boast boron from the ocean depths. 

 Ulimate Guide to Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Where to purchase

Buying a fancy coloured diamond is not difficult if you know what to look for and you have a trusted jeweller. Online jewellery sources like Astteria Diamonds, offer a beautiful range of unique natural blue diamond for sale in a variety of pieces. 

Looking for a special engagement ring, join stars like J. Lo and Kate Hudson both received jaw-dropping coloured diamonds for their engagements. If your fiancee wants to let you know you are royalty, then have him get you a natural blue diamond. The Queen herself is the proud owner of the Cullinan Blue, a diamond necklace with nine rare blue diamonds. 

Wrap Up 

When it comes to buying jewellery, fancy coloured diamonds are uniquely beautiful and a fantastic investment. As their rarity comes from their colour as well as the ability to source in limited locations, coloured diamonds, will continue to maintain their high value and interest. To purchase a natural blue diamond for sale or other coloured diamonds always choose a reputable seller with years of expertise and certified diamonds. Enjoy!