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Ultimate Home Makeover: 5 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your House

Ultimate Home Makeover: 5 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your House

Doing a home makeover once in a while is a pleasurable thing to do since you get to reinvent your house. It’s also a nice feeling to do your home a favor by decluttering everything to allow it to breathe a little. That way, your house will receive some TLC and receive a brand new look.

But when people hear the words home makeover, the first thing that comes to mind is its cost or the amount they will have to spend. They think it’s costly and expensive. But they are wrong. Home makeovers are now affordable since you get to introduce your style according to your budget. And if you plan to do one, try these five inexpensive ways to upgrade your house. It’s hassle-free and fun.

1. Clean Up

Cleaning up may sound so basic and boring, but each house makeover begins from cleaning up. You cannot merely decide to refurbish your house without starting somewhere, and that somewhere means cleaning up your entire home. Another term for this is decluttering. And when you declutter, you will notice that there is a lot of stuff in your place that you no longer need. And thus, it’s better to eliminate them.

You may start cleaning up by segregating your things into useful, useless, and those which have sentimental value to you. It will be easier for you to declutter because you only have to keep those you still can utilize and have value to you, and throw or give away those you cannot. Afterward,  your house will become semi-bare and ready for some real makeover.

2. Repaint the Walls 

Of course, the first thing people notice when entering your house is the walls. Your walls occupy the most space in your home because every room and area in your abode has walls. And when you want to overhaul your house, it is unavoidable to change your walls’ color. Besides, your taste in colors in the past might have changed now. Thus, it’s your time to bring out your creativity.

Repainting your color does not have to be expensive. There are many good-quality, but low-cost paints to choose from that are available at the stores. You can select and combine different shades of your favorite colors. You can also go traditional or modern. Whatever you want, the result is still the same- your house will look reviving and refreshing. 

3. Update the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a crucial area in your abode that needs some severe renovations because it is taken for granted most of the time. It’s where the dirty stuff is done. The cooking utensils and the ingredients are scattered everywhere, especially when you do not have huge organizers or cabinets. Consequently, your kitchen’s looks become uninviting and unattractive.

 Ultimate Home Makeover: 5 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your House

Redesigning your kitchen or doing some renovations will also mean replacing your old and problematic cabinets with durable but low-priced ready-to-assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets. If you want your kitchen to look spacious but cannot since you have huge cabinets that eat up a lot of space and whose cabinet doors are already broken, paint has already faded, you can replace them with these rta kitchen cabinets.

These cabinets are not only of high-quality and affordable but are also easy to install. There are also various styles and sizes to choose from. This way, you can estimate what to choose depending on the number of cookware and flatware you still want to keep. 

4. Redecorate and Rearrange 

This is simple. You only have to rearrange your living room’s furniture or your dining table and chairs in your dining area. The goal of this is to serve your home a refreshing look only. On the other hand, redecorating means beautifying your house. You may buy an elegant rug which does not cost a great deal or a new plant as decoration in your living room. You may also hang pictures on your wall or replace your curtains with those that have youthful designs. 

5. Improve the Lighting 

Your abode’s lighting serves a vital function in your home because no matter how beautiful your home’s decorations are, they will not be noticed if the lighting is terrible. Lighting is what gives life to your home. It reveals the beauty of your house’s insides. Thus, you have to change your lights if they do not complement your upgraded house. More importantly, you need to replace those that are already dimming out. 

Therefore, you may go for the latest lighting system like the themed and LED light. The themed light possesses memory that will allow you to pattern it according to your intended themes at different times. On the other hand, the LED light won’t cost you a lot of money.


So these are the easy and inexpensive ways to upgrade your house. Doing a home makeover is supposed to be enjoyable and stress-free. And this project will be memorable because it is the product of your effort and creativity. Hence, it’s always satisfying to see your dream house; in your case, the upgraded home came into reality.