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Understanding Different Types of Window Warranties

Upgrading your windows is a great way of improving your home value, efficiency, and aesthetics. However, a window replacement project can be expensive. Therefore, the best thing homeowners do to protect themselves from losses is to take advantage of warranties. If you are considering upgrading your windows or just building a new house that requires high-quality windows, you must hire a window installation company that offers warranties. The warranty will cover you in case of a malfunction or accident during installation. Manufacturers and contractors offer different types of warranties. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these warranties to know how you will be protected. We have created a guide to help you understand the different types of window installation warranties and what they cover.

Types of Window Installation Warranties

When choosing coverage for your windows, it is important to understand that they are not created equal. Therefore, before you choose a window brand or contractor, it is crucial to understand the type of warranty they offer. When you install architectural windows, you want to confirm you will not suffer the loss in case of an accident. So, understand the warranties from companies and other aspects. Here are the types of window installation warranties.

Lifetime Warranties

Lifetime warranties cover all parts of the window. However, you need to know that lifetime means when the manufacturer determines the quality of the window.

Limited Lifetime Warranties

Limited lifetime warranties are the common types of warranties in this field. They mostly come from the manufacturers to cover any aesthetic and performance flaws. However, the window parts that they cover are limited. The word lifetime means the period the manufacturer deems enough for the window to hold its quality. Low-quality windows may have a limited lifetime warranty of about three to five years, while high-quality ones may be covered for decades.


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Transferable Warranties

A warranty can be transferable or not. That means it remains valid even after you sell the house. The best thing about a transferable warranty is that it adds value to your home. If your window warranty expires once you transfer the ownership of the house, it could affect the selling price. Therefore, a transferable warranty can be wise if you plan to sell the house later.

Double Lifetime Warranties

Double lifetime warranties are powerful warranties you can get during window installation. This coverage protects you as long as you own the home. Another great thing about this warranty is that you can transfer it to the next person who will own the home should you sell it. Therefore, a double lifetime warranty can be the best choice if you are considering upgrading your windows.

Prorated Warranties

You can also choose prorated warranties that cover your investment at a decreasing percentage of the replacement cost. That means the more your window gets old, the more you will have to pay for any loss.

Bottom Line

The best thing about hiring professional window installation services is that you enjoy the warranties offered by the company. However, it is advisable to learn the different types of warranties before choosing a window brand or installation company. Make sure the warranty you choose will be enough to cover any loss within the specified period.