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Unique Bedroom Ideas to Try Out This Year

Nicholas Worley

Psychology says that home designs affect your emotions. Your home design can either bring out your positive feelings or the opposite. Therefore, it’s advisable to create an interior design that will boost positive emotions for yourself, family, and guests.

Similarly, your bedroom design must be kept a priority as the bedroom is where you spend most of your time. Aside from bringing out your interior designing skills, your bedroom designs also help bring out a positive energy that you can get when you wake up, until you come back for sleep.

For instance, if your bedroom consists of decors that you don’t like, you’ll less likely get the relaxation you need, but when your bedroom suits your style, it’ll give you inner peace and provide you with a great view.

To inspire you with designs that you can use or base on, here is a cool howto design ideas for your bedroom:

  1. Minimalist design

Minimalist design is one of the most popular and unique design trends today. It may look new and picturesque, but it actually started way back in the 60’s as a means of protest to the overly-colored and designed abstract expression at that time. Instead of featuring excessive features in design, it only emphasizes the necessary features for a more simple yet elegant look. The mantra that this design follows is “less is more.”

Today, minimalist design is so popular. You can see it anywhere: from art to app design, company logos, peoples’ clothes, and interior designs.

Instead of wavy and curvy structures, it is based on straight, geometric lines and shapes. It simplifies structure, color, and space to emphasize its purest form. Call it a perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. To attain it, you can try these ideas:

  • Know the philosophy of simplicity – Simplicity may be viewed as boring because of the “basic” look it has. But it’s far from being basic and boring. With a minimalist design, it utilizes both form and its function at the same time. Everything has a purpose, and its effect is a harmony of furniture, color, and space that is beautiful to the visual sense. You can’t take anything out to improve its beauty. That is true simplicity.
  • Start Simple – To attain minimalism, you don’t have to remove your possessions right away. Start simple and slow at first. You can:
    • Apply a light in simple colors like white or gray to your walls as these colors deeply affect the feel of your room. Also, it gives a cool, calming effect.
    • You can add a neutral-colored rug such as white, gray, or taupe depending on the color of your walls. For instance, you can go with the lighter shade of the color choice you have on your wall or a contrasting color to make a statement. This makes it clearer for you to spot the things that you need to get rid of, like clutter.
  • Clear the clutter – A minimalist design is also about neatness and cleanliness. All surfaces must be free from any objects that are not essential to your daily life. Remember, a minimalist design is both function and form. It may be difficult to maintain neatness in all surfaces at all times, especially when it comes to your working table. But, at least check once a week for unnecessary clutter.
  • Let pieces stand out – In minimalism, it’s not a grave sin to let pieces stand out. You can let art, a piece of furniture, or centerfolds stand out but not too much, though. Make sure it stands out, but it also needs to blend in and have a balance with the other pieces.
  • Be consistent with the colors – Your interior should have the same colors or must be in the same tone. If not, then chances are, you get a mixture of a whole lot of colors that makes it painful to look at. If your walls are grey in your room, then blankets, pillows, furniture, and objects must have the same or similar tone to grey to create a visual balance.
  • Leave some leg room – Do not clog up things, leave some room for you to breathe and relax. If you clog up things, then it’s no longer relaxing and calming. A minimalist design leans more on quality than quantity while carefully maximizing your space at the same time.
  • Create a balance – Start to pair up things that have similar lines and tones to create a harmony within your art and furniture. Make sure that no piece is in contrast with another piece.

These ideas are all essential in a minimalist design where simplicity is considered as beauty. Moreover, simplicity today is what makes you stand out.

  1. Cottage Vibes

Are you bored with the modern-looking style your bedroom has? Are you seeking for a more personal and unique idea to your bedroom? A cottage vibe design is your answer. Usually, a cottage is a place where your family spends time on vacation on the beach or in the woods when camping. But now, you can transform your main home or your bedroom into a cottage.

In cottage vibes, there are no rules as to what you should put. Unlike minimalism where you need to match things, cottage style doesn’t bar anything goes. The furniture in this idea is not necessarily brand new. You can get it from a garage sale or even recycled. As a result, you can get a charming, fresh and relaxing look that resembles your favorite place to spend on vacations.

Here’s how to transform your bedroom into a cottage vibe:

  • Transform old items – You can recycle your loved items and furniture, and in turn, it gives you this vintage and more personal look. You can transform old benches and chairs into a coffee table set. Or you can even recycle old wooden planks for furniture or decoration. What’s important is that your pieces must have a look which embodies that these objects survived through the test of time and were personally loved.
  • Use neutral colors: Like a minimalist’s design, cottage vibes rely on soft tones of color like white, off-white, light grey or beige. A lot of cottage style design even go for one color alone for every piece they use. If you do so, make sure your pieces have enough diversity to make it look more personal.
  • Unify the colors – The colors that you use must be unifying. Don’t use colors that are contrasting with each other. Choose colors that have the same tone for a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere.
  • Accessorize – In other designs, putting a lot of accessories is a big no, but for a cottage design, this is not the case. You can put in your personal possessions or show off your prized possessions. You can even purchase accessories that will match the look. But, make sure that it doesn’t look like it’s just put together for the sake of it. It needs to be placed for style and design.
  • Flooring – You can use almost anything for the flooring, but wood tiles would be better for a more cottage-style look. You can paint the floor to make it look more vintage and cozy. The coziness that you feel in your summer cottage must be imminent in the cottage vibes of your home or in your bedroom.

You no longer need to drive for hours to feel the calming, soothing and relaxing feel of your vacation cottage. You can make a personal cabin, where you can just kick back and be yourself to rid of the stress of the everyday grind.

  1. Nature-inspired Design

A nature-inspired design for your bedroom creates harmony between the nature and human habitation. When you love nature, but you live in an overcrowded city, you can design your room to have a natural surrounding elegantly and aesthetically. You can use nature as an inspiration, whether conceptual or visual.

Visual inspiration is photographing various organisms such as using sea turtle shell as an inspiration to create a roof structure for your bedroom. On the other hand, conceptual inspiration comes in an abstract form of incorporating nature into a design. For example, use a nest’s woven structure to decorate your room.

Moreover, there are other ways to bring nature into your bedroom design. You can use it on your accessories, wallpapers, artwork, and other essential parts of your room. To achieve that nature-inspired bedroom design, you can follow these tips:

  • Choose natural elements that help you relax – Natural elements such as cotton, leather, wood, or seagrass gives you an inherent connection with nature. It’s vital to choose the materials that suit your liking. Depending on your style, you may prefer more sophisticated dark wood flooring or rugged nature of rock walls. What’s important is to choose an element to bring out positive feelings from you.
  • Bring in natural sunlight – Natural daylight is one of the prettiest natural elements you can use. It pops in colors of your wall decors or furnishings, make your room lively, and lets you feel inspired and healthy. Therefore, don’t block your windows or better use huge glass windows to let the light in.
  • Bring nature into your room – You can use organic beddings or sheets that are designed with rustic leaves or birds. Also, instead of artificial plants or flowers, choose natural greenery on your side table. For instance, having potted plants like succulents or red roses on your vase can cheer up your room. Or you can even recycle your lumber yards as ceiling beams to let that rustic appeal emanate in your room. All these will give you a rustic bedroom look and feel.
  • Choose natural wood – When inspiring your room with that nature vibe, wood is an essential part of your design. You can use it as a finish or raw so you can still see that appealing knots and grains. Wood for your flooring and ceilings can give a warm ambiance. Or you can have natural wood furniture crafted to suit your personal style or to provide that country vibe.
  • Use brick as your backdrop – Bricks’ uniformity in a pattern can add color and texture to your room. You can paint over the brick or simply let its natural state be a focal point of your background.
  • Accessorize with nature – For your room’s accessories, you can fit in natural elements.
    • Trunk sections can be used as a chair on the corner of your room or as a lounging chair.
    • You can also use twisted branches to brighten a spot on your room or have an interesting corner as it can act as a piece of art being showcased.
    • If you want a more comfortable chair, use a bit of wicker furniture to show off that organic energy.
    • If you want to hear some natural sound of flowing water, have an indoor water fountain as it can make a splashing sound while acting as a partitioner, too.
  • Use less – If you find bringing in nature as your design can be expensive, you can use less of it. Just like minimalist design, only use decors that can add value to your design as overdecorating can give out a clashing design.
    • You can use an accent stone wall instead of decorating the whole room with the same product.
    • Try pre-engineered, veneer or laminate stone applications so you can still have that nature vibe without sending much.
    • Just like with the cottage vibe, you can reuse materials that are found on your surroundings. For instance, use tree table made out of pine trees or woods to have a look that the table’s legs are directly plucked out of the mountains.



For every type of bedroom, whether for couples, single women, bachelors, or teens, the color is the most and primary feature. It’s where other design or decors will come into place. Choosing the right tone can help you select the right design and accessories. For instance, if colors are clashing, then you might as well have a bedroom that can give confusion or unrest. However, if your bedroom colors go well with each other, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable.

Moreover, for the accessories and furniture, it’s great to use the ones that can bring out the best in your bedroom. You can use black leathers to accentuate a white wall or bold colors to give life to neutral colors. What’s essential is a bedroom design which can feed your soul a positive vibe.