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Unique Ideas Of Interior Decoration With Wood

When you hear ‘wood’ and ‘interior décor’ together, a lot of different images might pop up in your head. The combination is so common and frequent that seemingly no home in the developed world can claim being entirely ‘woodless’. But that also can make it very cliché. Using wood in the same conventional ways that your neighbors and your neighbors’ neighbors did is nothing special. We’re not here for that. We’re here to give you inspiration and ideas for how to do unique wood decoration in your home. Let’s begin!

Quality over quantity – always

It’s cool to have wood here and there, but too much of it means distasteful, rustic, and overly impractical. If you want an example of what too much wood means, check out the residence of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. The Mezhyhirya palace had almost everything made of wood, and you have to agree that it looks tasteless and too show-off like.

Now compare it with this, we’ve found on Pinterest. It’s a lot less wood (it still takes up a significant part), but the entire interior looks much cozier, and much more liveable.

  Unique Ideas Of Interior Decoration With Wood

Charred wood

Charred wood comes to us from Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, resources were always quite limited, so the local artisans tried to perfect technology and production processes. They did so with wood treatment and thus, Shou Sugi Ban (local name for charred wood) was born.

The process of wood burning enhances the colour and enriches the texture. If you are looking for wood that sets itself apart and wood that looks unique, then Shou Sugi Ban is just right for you. You can choose any kind of wood to be charred and it can be used as flooring, siding, decking, etc.

A wooden beam as a chandelier

This is something slightly unconventional, but it’s very stylish, yet a little bit out of the ordinary. Some homeowners hang a long wooden beam from the ceiling and attach tons of lightbulbs to it. The design isn’t crazy innovative or super modern, but it more than fits in with loft or more open-plan decors!  

  Unique Ideas Of Interior Decoration With Wood

Putting it in the bathroom is very risky

Wood and moisture are never a good combo. Even though we gave an example of wood near the bathtub above, but it is always a risk placing regular wood in environments with excess moisture. If you do, make sure that the wood is properly protected and won’t deform or shrink over time.

However, from a design standpoint, wood and bathing environments work almost perfectly together.

Light tones should prevail

When it comes to wood design elements, lighter tones are always a more versatile choice. Why? Because they liven up the interior number 1 and number 2 lighter tones expand the space while dark oak tones and similarly murky colours can make any space seem much more confined and overcrowded even if there aren’t too many things there. 

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