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Unlocking Your iPhone When You’ve Forgotten The Password

Unlocking Your iPhone When You’ve Forgotten The Password

Today almost everyone keeps a password on their phone to protect their personal data from intruders which is a smart thing to do. But forgot iPhone passcode can be really stressful. This might happen because you might change your iPhone’s password too often and might have forgotten it. As a result, you can’t access your messages, photos and emails. The process of how to unlock iPhone when you’ve forgotten the password is a bit confusing and if on the way your one mistake can cause the iPhone to be fully restored and in the end you’ll lose all of your data. But you don’t need to worry because in this article we would give the best solutions to unlock or reset your iPhone’s password. 

Using iTunes

iTunes is most commonly used when someone needs to restore their iPhone when they’ve forgotten their password. The biggest advantage of using iTunes is that even though your iPhone would be factory reset, you wouldn’t lose any of data as iTunes backs up all of your data on iCloud. The process of restoring your iPhone via iTunes is straightforward and direct. First, you’ve to connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable and open iTunes on your computer. On iTunes there’ll be a summary option in the left sidebar where you’ll see an option “restore iPhone and backup”, click on the option and voila in a few minutes you’ll have your iPhone back up and running. 

Using Find My iPhone

If you’ve enabled the find my iPhone feature in the iPhone’s settings then you’re in luck. If you’ve forgotten your passcode, you’ve to log in to iCloud from your computer and see the list of Apple devices you’ve attached with your iCloud. From the list find your iPhone and select it. There’ll be an option to erase the iPhone, select it and voila your iPhone will be reset and your data will be restored with iCloud’s backup. 

 Unlocking Your iPhone When You’ve Forgotten The Password

Hard Reset with Recovery Mode

If you haven’t backed up your data to the iCloud even once, then you would have to reset your iPhone using recovery mode. To put your phone into recovery mode you’ve to hold the power and the home button until you see the Apple logo and follow it with a screen saying “connect to iTunes”. Connect your phone via a USB cable to your computer and open iTunes and select the restore iPhone option as described above. Your iPhone will be factory reset but also keep in mind that your data would be lost – which includes your photos, contacts and music. 

Tricking Siri

This option lets you unlock your iPhone not reset your iPhone’s password. Tricking Siri works on older versions of IOS so if you’ve a newer iPhone such as iPhone X, this method wouldn’t work at your side. But if you’ve an older version of the iPhone then you’re lucky. Activate Siri and long-press the home button and ask for the time. Siri will display the time and a clock will also appear. Click on the clock and Siri would open the world clock for you. On the top left corner of the screen there will be an option for back, select back and kaboom you’ll be inside your iPhone without using the passcode. But, do keep in mind this method doesn’t always work.

Dr. Fone

The last option we’ve for you is a third-party application Dr. Fone. It’s one of the best IOS repair applications available in the market and one of those which actually does what it says to do. It has a feature where it will unlock the iPhone if you’ve forgotten the passcode. We recommend it highly because other than the screen unlock feature, it is also capable of doing system repairs, downgrading your IOS software and much more.