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German Startup Introduces UrmO, An Ultra-light, Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle

UrmO Urban Electric Vehicle


Munich-based startup UrmO has unveiled an ultra-light urban electric vehicle that can be folded to handbag-sized format within seconds. Small, handy, light: These features clearly distinguish the UrmO from all other vehicles in its segment. Thanks to its lightweight of just 6.5 kilograms (13 lbs), the e-scooter can be perfectly integrated into everyday life and can be easily stowed e.g. under the desk in the office.

The UrmO takes a whole different approach to the electric scooter market as opposed to the market leaders Xiaomi M365 and Segway Ninebot ES4. It almost resembles a handy hybrid between the electric scooter we know and the hoverboards that trended a few years ago. Ultimately, the UrmO challenges what the perfect electric scooter should be with its innovative and user-friendly design.



The self-balancing scooter is recharged with a regular power outlet and provides a high range. UrmO drivers can cover 20 kilometers (12 miles) with one charging. Within just 45 minutes, the battery can be charged to almost 100%. The maximum speed is 15 km/h (9.5 mph). By shifting weight, drivers intuitively steer the UrmO. The 14-inch tires guarantee a comfortable and safe driving experience. The founders promise that within ten minutes everybody is able to steer UrmO safely.

The UrmO team distinguishes itself with profound expertise in the innovative e-mobility market. Felix Ballendat, a mechanical engineer, has already developed a battery pack for Tesla and Jakob Karbaumer, also a mechanical engineer, with his 24 years of age, is the youngest founder of UrmO and has been developing the battery of the world’s first electric supercar, the Rimac Concept One. Sebastian Signer, who has a background as an entrepreneur and business consultant, is responsible for the development of the company.

UrmO is available on Kickstarter with the early bird price of €1.399 (about $1.600 USD), with shipments expected in October 2019.

 UrmO Urban Electric Vehicle