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Vallier restaurant by Appareil architecture

Ulysse Lemerise

A breath of fresh air was infused into Old Montreal’s popular Vallier restaurant. Local firm Appareil architecture transformed the space to lend it a contemporary feel while preserving its traditional spirit.

The new look marks the return of the restaurant’s founder, Vallier Dufour. The mandate, taken up by the architect Kim Pariseau, was to create a luminous, modern and cosy interior, where people would want to gather around a good, comforting meal.


Divided into four zones, the restaurant offers its guests different ambiances. The bar is now the heart of the space, serving as a meeting and gathering place. A high table, which was intended to be an extension of the bar, becomes a friendly and festive space for large groups. Tables for two are located along the windows on the perimeter of the restaurant, offering more intimacy and a view of the street. Also, a lounge area with a long comfortable bench was designed for those wishing to simply relax and enjoy Vallier’s ambiance a little longer. The restaurant has an appeal for everyone, at any moment of the day.


The style is clean and elegant, but warm and friendly. The historical character of the space was maintained and emphasized, with a touch of modernity. The old lamps were preserved, but gathered at the center of the space for a more contemporary feel. A deep, dark green was chosen for the ceiling, a wall and columns, echoing the colour adorning the restaurant in the past. This new hue harmonizes itself perfectly with the cognac leather benches, brick walls and warm wooden elements in the new interior. A mosaic of antique mirrors allows natural light to be reflected throughout the place, while giving it a nostalgic touch. The final look is distinguished, with a slightly retro feel.


Appareil worked in collaboration with local artisans to create a tailor-made space. Lamps and tables were designed exclusively for the project, the chairs were restored and upcycled, and leather doorknobs were hand-braided for Vallier. Materials were also locally sourced. This approach meets the philosophy of the restaurant’s owners who favour regional products for their kitchen. The new décor is now in line with the authentic and comforting menu and its bistro style meals.

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