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Valuable Ventilations – How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Valuable Ventilations - How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

A nice smelling home is generally a clean home. If your home smells bad it can feel unclean and unwelcoming and it is not a pleasant thing to return home to. It can be very embarrassing having guests over when your house smells bad. Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It is the scent most associated with memory. You don’t want your toilet to remind you of a dirty public toilet or your kitchen to remind you of a fish and chip shop. You want your home to be inviting and fresh. Here are the secrets of people with fresh smelling homes. 

Consider Installing Extra Roof Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation is important for keeping the air circulating around your home. If the air is not circulating bad smells will become trapped in your home. Think of all the smells lurking around your home. There are cooking smells, pet odors, garbage smells and many more. You need to get rid of these to keep your home fresh.

Tackle Moisture In Your Home

Damp areas in your home can be a large source of unappealing odors.  Here are some things you can do:

Purchase moisture absorbers

These can be purchased quite cheaply for any damp areas in your home. Moisture absorbers will eliminate some of the humidity in the air. A less humid environment will also mean less mould. 

Purchase moisture-absorbing plants

These will live off of the humidity in your home and leave your home fresh and smelling great. 

Keep exhaust fans on while showering

This is crucial for preventing mould growth.

Dry clothes outside if possible

The moisture in your wet clothes won’t have anywhere else to go but into your home. If possible do you best to air your clothes outside.

Clean Out Your Fridge And Pantry

Things can be forgotten about at the back of your fridge and pantry if you do not clean them regularly. Go through your food and throw anyway anything expired or inedible. Some people seem to believe that condiments, spreads and spices last forever. This is untrue. Examine these items and dispose of anything that is out of date. Don’t forget about food spills. Give your pantry and fridge a good clean. You might not realise that an old food spill is the cause of an unappetising smell in your kitchen.

Extend the cleaning out to the rest of your kitchen. Clean your cabinets, sink, oven, stove and surfaces regularly. 

 Valuable Ventilations - How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Use The Exhaust Fan In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen has a fan under the range hood for a reason. Make sure you are using it. Even if you’re boiling water you still need to use your fan. The boiling water will create humidity in the air. If you are cooking things with cheese, oil, seafood or spices you will also want to open up windows if possible.

Rangehood vents can get dirty and harbour a lot of bad smells. If you have removable rangehood vents ensure that you’re removing these and cleaning these regularly.

Don’t Forget To Clean Soft Furnishings

Ensure that you’re keeping your rugs, carpets, linens and cushions and soft furnishing clean. These can attract a lot of bad smells. Try using pillow and mattress protectors to make these easier to clean.  You should also give your carpets, mattresses, rugs and couches a deep clean every so often to keep them clean and free of bad smells. For more information visit Accel Cleaning to get to know more about carpet cleaning services.

Clean Your Bins And Take Out Rubbish Regularly

Not only do you need to take out the rubbish regularly but you also need to be cleaning your bins. If you do not keep these clean. Old food can stick to your bin and make it smell. If you are disposing of food and anything else that can make your bin dirty make sure that it is in a plastic bag and that it is not touching the surface of the bin.

Other Tips and Tricks  

  •         Light scented candles
  •         Open your windows to let in fresh air.
  •         Purchase scent diffusers.
  •         Sprinkle carpet powder prior to vacuuming.
  •         Use scented fabric spray
  •         Use scented fabric softener.
  •         If you use kitty litter clean try to clean it after each use. Or at least each day.
  •         Clean pet beds regularly.
  •         If you have a dog keep them well-groomed.

All in all, you should be keeping your home clean and well ventilated in order to keep your home smelling fresh. If your home is not clean you cannot just mask the odours with candles and diffusers. You need to be doing a combination of both. Hopefully, you are able to put these ideas to good use and you are able to keep your home smelling great for you and your guests!