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Vessyl, A Smart Cup that Automatically Counts the Calories in Everything you Drink

Mark One co-founder Justin Lee and Yves Behar, along with the fuseproject team, introduced Vessyl, a smart cap that automatically knows what’s inside and intelligently tracks drinking in real-time, empowering consumers to make healthier choices. 


Vessyl, seven years in the making, takes the tedious guesswork out of nutrition tracking and provides you with personalized insights on what you’re consuming with actionable feedback on how to meet your health goals. Pour any liquid into your Vessyl, and within seconds, its advanced sensing technology, breaks down the fluid to a molecular level and instantly recognizes key pieces of information including beverage type, calories, amount consumed and how much this beverage will fill of an individual’s daily hydration needs.


This device was elegantly crafted with the expertise of Jawbone designer, Yves Behar, to be a sleek lifestyle product that you’ll want to take everywhere.

The device will retail for $199, but early backers can enjoy discount pricing starting at USD 99. Vessyl is expected to start shipping its first batch in early 2015.

To pre-order the Vessyl Smart Cup visit myVessyl.com


all images courtesy of MARK ONE