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Want To Decorate A Blue Sofa? Here Is How To Do It

Sofa blue with black marble coffee table

Blue is trendy. According to trend predictor Pantone, Al Aqua is going to be a big trend in 2022. Interior designers are busy bringing the blue color into interior design. So, don’t be left behind. Join the blue wagon and make your interiors Al Aqua inspired. Here are great ideas for decorating your interiors with blue sofas.

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Color Schemes

The first step is to start with your preferred color scheme. Play with different colors around the fabrics to see the shades that worka best for your space.

Deep And dramatic

If you are brave enough, go for brooding color schemes. For instance, dark blues and some greens featuring traces of copper will add that extra glamour to your bedroom. Textured wallpaper can be matched with matching cushions. It will give your home that extra lift.

Bright Lights

Bright lights should be paired with sky blue sofas. It works well with wood flooring. They will create a gorgeous color scheme. To give it that extra glamour, consider bringing in gold-like accessories.

Try Retro Rainbow 

Colorful can be classy. You can pair a royal blue-based sofa with brighter color schemes. Colors like pink, yellow, and white can be included to create that contrasting effect.

If you want your blue sofa to pop with elegance, include contrasting colors. Pair your sofa with rust orange and navy hints for that elegant statement. These colors are good at enriching the color scheme.

 Blue sofa with white bookcase behind

The Best Color Walls For A Blue Sofa

Blue sofas can be matched with several colors. However, be sure not to commit color clash. Here are a few colors that can make the blue sofa stand out.


As a great base color, grey can be used with different colors. From light to navy blue, grey will do the magic when it comes to making your blue sofa look stunning.


Another great color you can pair with a blue sofa is blue itself. It brings out that bold effect into your spaces. To create an atmospheric look, choose deep teal blue.


If you want a classic color combination, think about white and blue. White walls with a blue sofa will create a perfect nautical-inspired design

Tips For Styling Blue Sofas

You have so many ways of styling your blue-inspired sofa. Styling comes down to accessories. Here are some tips to help you.

Throw Cushions 

Accessorize your blue sofa with cushions. Here, the options are plenty. You can go for plush velvet. If you want more contrast, throw in bold prints. Cushions are great for making the sofa bold, comfortable, and stylish. Contrasting colors will make your blue sofa stand out.


Green leaves will complement your blue sofa. This color combination will elevate your décor, making it pop.  Green leaves are all about bringing practicality to your space.

Accent Chairs

Bring in armchairs to get extra seating space. For more décor, go for a printed armchair.

The Bottom-Line

Blue is taking over the interior design industry. Traditionally beautiful, blue can leave your home fresh and exciting. But how are you going to decorate your home with blue? Well, think in terms of the blue sofa. Use the above inspirations to turn your home into a blue zone with blue sofas.