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Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Home Décor

Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Home Décor

Your home is a place to showcase your personality and style. While the primary theme is an important aspect that brings these elements to the space, it’s the little details that create the overall aesthetic. The perfect way to bring everything together is selecting art to incorporate in your home. Art is a very personal choice, so choosing pieces that reflect your tastes while thinking about the finished look and feel of the space is vital.

Traditional artwork is an excellent option for homes. However, several other forms of art can be added to your living areas that encompass beauty and functionality. Take a look at some of the ways to incorporate these forms into your property.


A mirror might not seem like a typical piece of art to hang, but there are a number of designs that reflect the style and personal taste alongside a practical homeware piece. Mirrors come in many designs, and the frame is a great place to incorporate ornate detail. There are many delicate and elegant designs available for homes that have color and traditional features. Plus, there’s also a wide selection of simple and contemporary styles to add interest to a room.

 Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Home Décor

An easy way to start your art collection is to incorporate a gallery wall using custom frames that match the aesthetics. Pick a space in your home and create a whole feature of artwork and prints that tell the story of your lifestyle and family. A gallery wall can have a mix of art within it, including colorful prints, paintings, photographs and wall stickers such as these examples from www.aspectwallart.com. 

Check out http://www.aspectwallart.com for lots of options. It’s a great way to change the look and feel of a room and it can be changed as often as you wish to reflect your preferences and décor. A gallery wall always creates a focal point in any space. It is a great conversation starter when anyone comes to visit.

Metal artwork

An alternative to traditional paintings is metalwork. Metal offers a contrasting texture in rooms and can add warmth or coolness to the space. Three-dimensional examples are a fantastic example of how to incorporate an intriguing and eye-catching piece of art into any room. This style of craftsmanship is also perfect for both traditional and contemporary properties, and also pairs beautifully with industrial design and vintage-chic interiors.

 Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Home Décor


This type of wall decoration is typically the most obvious form of art for your home. However, there are many different types of painting to consider. Most common examples include oil, watercolor, and pastel. Still, you can also opt for modern designs such as spray-paint, digital and acrylic. Each has unique qualities and displays different textures and perspectives. Choosing a painting can be tricky because you, as the buyer, have a vested interest in the piece, but this may not reflect your home aesthetic. Getting a perfect balance is vital to ensure it works with the space and doesn’t overwhelm the room. Check out the range of guides available online on how to choose the perfect painting for your home.

Wood panels 

Woodwork is another beautiful example of art that can be added to the home. Most people think of ornaments or sculptures in wood, but it can also be carved into decorative panels to complement home décor. There are many different forms of wood artwork available, including floral motifs, animal plaques and word art. You can also have work commissioned to add a truly personal touch to your home.

 Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Home Décor


Tapestry has been a feature in cultures for thousands of years and is the perfect way to express personality and tastes. Incorporating this type of artwork adds depth and texture to a room and works in a range of spaces, including bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas.


Macramé has recently made a comeback within home interiors. This form of artwork is created using cords of textile such as linen, yarn, jute, hemp or leather to knot or weave a design. This decorative piece creates a beautiful hanging feature in a room and works perfectly in bedrooms and living areas. There are many designs available. However, you could also try making your own at home. Check out the selection of DIY videos on making macramé and get the ultimate unique artwork for your property.

These are just some of the simple ways to incorporate artwork into your property. With a mix of designs available, there are so many ways to make your home totally unique to your personality and style.