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Ways to Keep Your Pet Living Longer

Ways to Keep Your Pet Living Longer

Zen Chung from Pexels

We all dream about our pets living with us forever. They are often part of the family, loved by everyone. Unfortunately, we can’t make them immortal, but it’s in our power to prolong their lives. All you have to do is follow the tips below, and your pet will be healthy, and its lifespan will increase.

1. Balanced diet + Vitamins

Not only people but pets can be obese. It comes from an overabundance of fatty foods in their diet and a lack of exercise. In order not to harm your cat or dog, select food according to the age of the animal and its state of health. For more information on dietary considerations for dogs, particularly for those dealing with conditions like Cushing’s disease, you can explore informative articles on ChiDog.

Thus, one way to prolong your pet’s life is to control its weight and make sure it’s within the normal range. Feed your pet on a clear schedule and keep track of the quantity. It’s beneficial to add vitamins and supplements such as Alaskan salmon oil for dogs so that your four-legged friend stays healthy and happy.

2. Healthy teeth

A warm and moist mouth is an ideal environment for bacteria to live – both beneficial ones that keep the mouth healthy, and harmful ones that damage your pet’s gums and teeth. If hygiene isn’t maintained, the microflora of the oral cavity is disturbed: a plaque appears, which hardens and turns into tartar, and leads to diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart, and blood vessels.

Usually, when the owner finds out about a pet’s dental problems at an appointment with a veterinarian, the disease process has already started. Therefore, try to brush your pet’s teeth from the very beginning. If your pet isn’t accustomed to the procedure or is very anxious during the process, buy special treats for cleaning teeth and gums.

3. Visit the veterinarian

Even if your pet looks perfectly healthy, you should show it to the veterinarian once a year for a routine check-up (or 2 times a year if the animal is over 10 years old).

Disease prevention exists to maintain optimal health. It also involves keeping your pet’s medical history as it starts to age. It will help the veterinarian to identify potential problems in time as well. Diseases are easier to treat at the initial stage.
Get the best pet insurance to ensure your pet gets the best veterinary care services. Dog insurance will enable you to give your pet the best vets without you having to spend money out of your own pocket.

4. Physical activity

Nutrition isn’t the only thing that can prolong your pet’s life. It’s vital to make sure it’s constantly in shape. Exercise is a key factor in keeping your pet healthy. Training, walks, physical activities help reduce stress, balance emotions and mood, and increase the release of endorphins into the bloodstream. What’s more, an active lifestyle helps keep your pet’s cardiovascular system in order.

For instance, it’s not enough to buy the best food brands for dogs only to prolong the life of your puppy. It’s essential to take it out for walks or jogging regularly. If your pet has a “friend”, let them run and play together without a leash. It will reduce stress and improve your dog’s quality of life.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Living Longer

5. Time to rest

Everyone should rest, even your four-legged friend. Stress can negatively affect your pet if it’s constantly in a state of anxiety. You need to create some sort of balance when it gets enough time for both exercise and rest.

Make sure your pet has enough time to take a break from exertion and just get some sleep every day. Furthermore, never force your pet to train.

6. Love your pet

Continuous positive interaction is as basic a need as air to breathe for domestic animals. For instance, you should not get a dog if you are not sure that you can give it enough time, attention, and love.

Owners’ love can really do wonders for pets. Be sure to spend enough time with them as it can make them happy and prolong their lives.

7. Keep your home clean

If your home is filled with harmful chemicals and toxins, it will increase your pet’s chances of developing allergies and other illnesses and disorders. If your pet doesn’t suffer from allergies, it has a bright chance to have a long and happy life.

8. Castration

Removal of the gonads is primarily the prevention of inflammatory and oncological diseases. Castration changes the hormonal background of the animal. Therefore, all its manifestations of sexual behavior – attempts to run away, competition, and conflict with other animals, from which pets can suffer as well – simply disappear.

In addition, neutered animals live several years longer than those who haven’t gone through the procedure. It prolongs the pets’ “childhood”, allowing them to remain playful and cheerful a little longer.

9. Healthy mind

Dog owners, pay attention to this point!

As with humans, mental stimulation for dogs is very beneficial and can make your pet truly happy.

If the dog is bored, it can quickly become ill or become anxious, depressed. To prolong the life of your pet, you must constantly offer it some activities.

When the dog begins to age, you should resort to such methods of maintaining its sanity as socialization, training, spending time one-on-one, and other amusing activities.

Each of the steps mentioned above is very effortless and doesn’t take too much time. However, they are all essential to your pet. By approaching your four-legged friend’s health responsibly, your pet will have a long life. You will definitely make them happy and satisfied. Good luck!