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Web Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid in 2021

Web Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid in 2021

Tony Schnagl from Pexels

As easy as many people make web design seem, there are still several mistakes one can make while on the task. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the common mistakes you should be avoiding in 2021.

Not Prioritizing Responsive Design

Most terribly designed websites tend to have a common problem; an unresponsive design. This is what many web designers have struggled with for a long time and avoiding the same part is sure to save you a lot of effort.

Building a responsive web that has a great texture usually takes good resources and tools. Luckily, you can buy design bundles online at masterbundles.com. There are many options you can choose from that provide various resources useful for designing a responsive website. When a site isn’t mobile-friendly or in the right size for a desktop, visitors can sometimes find it difficult to interact with the web. If you are looking for a web design surrey then you can pick Cude Design.

Choosing Non-Suitable Fonts

Fonts are a great deal of every web page. A common mistake many web designers make is choosing unclear fonts or fonts that do not blend with the overall design of the web. Fonts are part of the elements that make up the intuitive design for a website. Avoiding non-suitable ones can greatly improve the look of the page.

Paying Less Attention to Security

Security is a well-known concept in the field of computer science. Most forms of technology require a certain kind of security system to keep data safe. Paying little or no attention to the site’s security is one of the common web design mistakes designers find themselves doing. In 2021, you should carry out a couple of security checks on your website such as:

● Keeping software and plug-ins up-to-date

● Using smart passwords

● Adding two-factor authentication on your web

● Using an SSL certificate

● Backing up your web data

Ignoring the 404-Page Design

Ignoring the 404-page design of your website can cause more harm than good. A mistake like this one can affect your website’s SEO. When choosing a web designer/agency you should choose the one that does search engine optimization, too. Besides having a website that is of high quality, knowing the details of search engines; i.e. broken links, redirects, 404 errors, canonical issues and many more can be of huge importance for your website. The best thing to do is to redirect users that visit a broken link to a new link or a 404 page. Creating a 404 page to present your visitors with is easy especially when you have a custom 404-page template to work with.

Giving Little Regard to Navigation

The navigation of your web should be one of your priorities as a web designer according to the design pros at the NYC Web Design Company. This is what helps your users understand the map of your website so they can easily navigate through its pages and find the resource that they need. You can set up a menu to aid navigation while making sure it is responsive.

 Web Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid in 2021

Ignoring the Use of Automation Tools

Automation tools can improve the quality of your web. A mistake people need to avoid in 2021 is not using automated features on their website. Most of these tools come in the form of plugins, and just as their name implies, they keep your site up and running without you having to do the work yourself. Automation tools can perform an extensive range of tasks including autosaving your website files, adding clipart resources and improving the UI, repelling brute force attacks, and many more.

Adding too Much Content

Websites should never have too much content. The content can come as images, videos, and even text. If you are going to be adding several images, you can use slides to group them through Google slides and themes or any other similar tool. The golden rule to remember here is that quality tops quantity.

Too Large Images 

If your site has too many photos, this can lead it to slow down. Background images that are too large can also have a similar effect on responsiveness. The best approach to solving such problems is to reduce the number or the sizes of photos on each page of your site.

An alternative to improving the speed of your website without modifying the images is to use a feature known as Lazy Loading. This ensures the photos load up as a user scrolls through the page, hence, making the site a bit faster.


As a web designer, knowing the mistakes to avoid can greatly help you create a very good site. The above-listed mistakes should come in handy in your future web projects as now, you can easily avoid them without issues.