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What Are Bulthaup Kitchens?

What Are Bulthaup Kitchens?


Bulthaup kitchens incorporate the three kitchen pillars into all of their designs and products. They have three kitchen designs: b1, b2, and b3, each with a unique blend of components that fits into different kitchen spaces. 

Regardless of your taste, bulthaup can easily assimilate into your existing space and take your kitchen to a new level. All three models use similar design elements that adhere to the same principles, storage, flow, and sleek design. With bulthaup, it’s not about the amount of stuff you have in your kitchen. Their main focus is ease-of-use, the accessibility of tools, and cultivating an enjoyable, social, and cooking experience.  

About Bulthaup

Bulthaup prides itself on operating at the juncture of functionality and creative enjoyment. The company develops, designs, produces, and markets to an exclusive clientele. They make some of the most advanced, functional solutions that utilize sleek ergonomics and satisfy the most stringent architectural and design demands. Each kitchen is planned and executed using custom methods. 

Bulthaup considers the needs of a changing society and implements them into their designs. It combines societal needs with a knack for innovation and trendsetting, perpetually setting the bar higher for other kitchen design companies. 

Founded in 1949 by Martin Bulthaup, the company eventually passed to Martin’s son, Gerd, who created its design philosophy and steered it in the direction it continues today. 

The design firm is a smaller contingency, employing 600 staff members, showcasing the brand’s unmatched expertise and exclusive quality. To sell bulthaup’s products, you have to be within the premier network of partners. Retail partners such as Kitchen Distributors are considered some of the most extinguished companies in the industry. 

 What Are Bulthaup Kitchens?

Product Lines 


The b1 responds to people’s desire for consistency and simplicity in a rapidly changing 21st-century society. The b1 makes everything simple, focusing strictly on the essentials of meticulous design. 

It focuses on the three elements of kitchen design: the island, wall line, and tall unit block. Bulthaup’s island directs the life of the kitchen. It is the center point, of which everything surrounds. It demands attention and fosters clear communication throughout the entirety of the kitchen. 

The wall line’s self-contained form makes for free placement on the wall, and the tall unit block offers additional storage space for appliances. Materials such as the alpine white matt paint, laminate, and stainless steel showcase the b1’s deliberate nature- everything in its right spot and made of the right materials. 

 What Are Bulthaup Kitchens?


The b2 incorporates a different approach to kitchen design, turning the kitchen into a culinary workshop with distinctive organizational principles. Bulthaup joined with Eoos for this model, and it incorporates an open and mobile kitchen that you can add to suit your tastes.

The “kitchen workshop” title is apparent in the b2 model more than any other bulthaup model. It is comprised of a workbench, kitchen tool cabinet, and appliance housing cabinet. 

The workbench is for kitchen center points such as the stove and the sink. The kitchen tool portion is used for all of your crockery, cooking apparatuses, spices, and food storage. And the appliance housing cabinet is for all of your appliances, such as the oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. 

The b2 lets all of superfluous kitchen components melt away and leaves only the essential. The essential materials, tools, and appliances make kitchen design simple and enjoyable. 

 What Are Bulthaup Kitchens?


The most important area in this kitchen is the workshop and it offers preparation and serving zones, a water point, and a cooking area. In classic kitchen designs, the worktop gets neglected. However, the b3 provides solutions that utilize that neglected area better than any other design. 

The b3’s function boxes provide ample storage for spices, oil and vinegar, kitchen tools, and cutlery, everything you need for preparation stores in one location. These boxes also contain the necessary tools behind glass cabinets that offer easy access. Additionally, you can adjust the box’s size to accommodate your belongings. 

Integrated fluorescent tubes, impeccable illumination, long service lives, and excellent energy efficiency comprise the function box with an integrated mixer tap for the water point. It is positioned high enough to fit bulky crockery and enables easy rinsing, and you can easily fill tall pots with water.

 What Are Bulthaup Kitchens?

How Much Does a bulthaup Kitchen Cost?

Three things affect the cost of a bulthaup kitchen: furniture, worktops, and appliances. Standard b3 or b1 kitchens run around $68,000 at starting price. However, your tastes for your kitchen can quickly run that number up. 

How Do the Kitchen Costs Break Down?

As a rough estimate, furniture accounts for around 50% of the overall kitchen cost. Appliances represent approximately 30% and installation and worktops account for around 20%. 

What Affects the Cost of bulthaup Kitchens?

The size of your kitchen can affect its overall price. The larger the room, the more cabinets, storage, and shelving you will likely need. However, since the primary aim of bulthaup kitchens is relentless economy, the size of the kitchen might not affect the overall price as much as you anticipate.  

The material you use for surface finishes can also affect the overall price of your bulthaup kitchen. Since bulthaup groups their surface finishes into Price Groups, you can expect a Group 1 surface to be less costly than a Group 7 finish. 

What Are Bulthaup Kitchens?

The renowned kitchen design company, bulthaup, is one of the premier kitchen designers in the world, and its selective list of partners demonstrates its commitment to excellence. However, if you want a bulthaup kitchen, it comes at a steep price, and you should be prepared to fork over a hefty investment. 

The bulthaulp method to kitchen design is one of the most innovative and luxurious methods in the industry. Regardless of your space, bulthaup can turn it into a functional work of art.