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What Are the Top Trending Instagram Hashtags In 2020?

What Are the Top Trending Instagram Hashtags In 2020?

Instagram hashtags can be a broad concept that encompasses various areas. You may ask yourself, what are Instagram hashtags? Here is the answer. It is a one-word marked with a hash (#) symbol and used in Instagram posts description or the comment section. Their function is to enable Instagram to categorize and organize content. If you have seen them, probably, you have never known how essential hashtags are to the users. The following is all the information you need to know about the trending hashtags 2020:

Where to Generate Hashtags

If you are new on Instagram, or you have not been using hashtags before, you may be wondering where people find the hashtags you see on Instagram. Here is the answer. A hashtag generator like Task Ant enables you to generate relevant and current hashtags to use in your posts. Additionally, you can track the hashtags your competitors are using, which will help you strategize. If you want to know of posts that are generating more engagements on Instagram, this site can still help you. 

Reasons for Using Hashtags

The use of hashtags is familiar to almost all Instagram users. If you have never used them before, you may be asking why they are essential in an Instagram post. The following are the reasons people use them:

  •  To gain more followers – The proper use of Instagram hashtags enables your content to be discoverable to the audience. Hence more followers.
  • To gain more likes – Since the hashtags enable relevant viewers to discover your content, they are likely to click the like button.
  •  To make more sales – The increase in followers and likes may land any Instagram user to make more sales than before.
  • To build a brand – Aside from the followers and likes, you can use hashtags for your dropshipping business. To do this, you have to research the right hashtags for your brand.

 What Are the Top Trending Instagram Hashtags In 2020?

Types of Instagram Hashtags

After knowing the reason why you should use hashtags and where you can generate them, it is time to indulge in the different types of Instagram hashtags you can use. Check the following:

  • Niche hashtags – These are hashtags which are specific to your industry, for example, #parenting blogger
  • Seasonal hashtags – These are hashtags you can use for seasonal occasions, for example, during summer, winter, or during the holidays. They include #nationalcansermonth, #summerdays
  • Product or service hashtags – These are keywords that describe your line of product, for example, #babyclothes, #handbags.
  • Daily hashtags – Each day has a hashtag of its own, for example, #MondayBlues, #transformationtuesday, #SundayFunday
  • Location hashtags – These are hashtags that describe your location.
  • Emoji hashtags-these are hashtags that include the different types of emojis.

Instagram Tips

Alongside hashtags, implement the following tips to develop your brand:

  • Be consistent in your postings to increase your chances of attracting more following
  • Post visual content that is of good quality and full of creativity.
  • Engage your followers in your posts to keep them coming and to strengthen your support.
  • Frequently check what your competitors are doing to adjust where necessary.