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What Can You Make with an Acrylic Laser Cutter?

What Can You Make with an Acrylic Laser Cutter?

Well – there is a question and a half. It might be faster for us to ask what can’t you make with an acrylic laser cutter. 

Acrylic is a very durable plastic, which is weather-resistant and can offer crystal-clear finishes. This extremely versatile material can be used to make anything from jewelry to plexiglass and is a staple in the western world. 

If you have been thinking about biting the bullet and starting your own business and want to work with acrylics, but you are not sure where to start, this piece will offer you some ideas of what you can make with an acrylic laser cutter, so you can get going!

Acrylic Business Card

Fancy, right? While people may still be able to lose your business card, they definitely cannot ruin it by accidentally putting it through the wash or ripping it up. Not only are business cards one of the first impressions you give about yourself and your brand, but this indestructible little item is sure to make a statement too. You can have it engraved with whatever you like, in many different styles, to ensure that there is a personal touch that is perfect for you.

What Can You Make with an Acrylic Laser Cutter?

Acrylic Jewelry Pendants  

Chunky acrylic jewelry is very much in fashion right now. It is a popular choice of material to use as there are no metal allergies to deal with, and it can be cut into a variety of different shapes and produced in many beautiful colors. 

Making your own pendants for necklaces, earrings, keyrings, and bracelets can be an excellent idea for a handmade business, and you can also offer to personalize the pendants for the customers. If this is something you are thinking of taking off, then investing in an acrylic laser cutting machine of your own means you can get as creative as you like and make pieces on demand as and when the inspiration strikes and the orders come in.

Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic wall art is a stunning addition to any home and makes fantastic gifts. While you will need a laser cutting machine to carve out the intricacies, you will get professional, perfect results every time. The design can be as simple or as complicated as you like and can be cut in many different colors, which means you can accommodate personalization to all of your customers and their needs.

The best thing about acrylic wall art is that the options are endless, so you can always try something new and exciting!

Acrylic Clocks

Long gone are the days where clocks were functional over aesthetically pleasing. Now they are a feature in many homes that come in so many fun or intricate styles; you almost forget they are there to tell you the time. Clocks are one of those products that almost everyone needs, so being able to make personalized versions in acrylic can make an excellent gift – especially for something such as a ‘new home’ gift.