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What Is a Mockup and Why Do We Need It?

What Is a Mockup and Why Do We Need It?

Did you know that quality visuals and designs attract 90-percent more leads than text-based ones? Well, this is why companies spend so much time on finding the perfect brand mockup!

Mockups refer to the complete rendering of designs on products, such as business cards and labels. These mockups display how the created design would appear once published and used in real life. They help businesses visualize things better and reinforce their strategies.

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Mockups & Their Types 

The term mockup has a diversity of meanings. It is why people often confuse it with other designing techniques.

A mockup is a high-quality static picture representing how the created design would look in the real world. It helps one understand the effect of the design elements used.

Mockups exhibit the impact of all those colors, fonts, and visual features proposed by a designer to the client. And so, it enables customers to grasp hold of the overall feel and experience the particular design will give once printed on their products. Brands and businesses can test a design using mockups before finalizing it.

Some different types of mockups include:

  •                 Product mockup
  •                 App/Website mockup
  •                 Prototype

Many people confuse prototypes with app/website mockups. However, the prototype is a category of mockups that tests the functionality of the proposed design. It does not allow you to assess the visuals and their effect.

 What Is a Mockup and Why Do We Need It?

Features of a Mockup

Although the features of a mockup vary slightly with the types, there are some fundamental ones present in all of them. These features form the very essence and attribute for its effectiveness. And so, one must be vigilant about these when designing a mockup.

  •                 Content Layout
  •                 Color Scheme
  •                 Typography
  •                 Backgrounds & Images

Benefits of Using Mockups

Mockups play an integral part in a diversity of fields.  These are the initial-most step towards any type of printing, product launch, and even brand startup. Both designers and customers benefit a lot from using mockups.

First of all, mockups are the perfect imitation of real-life things. They are realistic and accurate. So, designers can analyze how their creation would appear once finalized.

They can use the mockup to identify potential errors and rectify them. Hence, it allows them to provide their clients with polished results.

Sometimes, things to do appear as in one’s imagination.  An individual may think of an amazing brand logo and design. But, it may not be as amazing as his thoughts once created.

Brand mockups are the top-most priority of startups as poor design can trigger a set of negative consequences for the business.  Having a mockup prevents the impact by offering an insight into how it would appear. And, so brands can make changes accordingly.

Mockups also prevent trouble in later stages of product development. Altering elements is easier in the mockup phase than in the technical one. Hence, it ensures that the workflow remains smooth and glitch-free.