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What is the Advantage of an Airstream? 

Interior view of an Airstream

Andrea Davis from Pexels

An Airstream is like an RV that can be used as a live-in trailer or as a road trip and camping vehicle. It is a long-term investment, where you get a vehicle that will perform for several years while also providing a trailer-like space for comfort and luxury. Despite the popularity of Airstream, people require a complete review of the pros and cons before they invest in an airstream. If you are thinking of buying a travel trailer and considering Airstream, this article is just for you. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of an Airstream.

Airstream is a luxury vehicle, which is why most people are concerned about the price. However, when one considers airstream cost in comparison with an apartment or house, the airstream seems like the better option. 

Advantages of an Airstream

People have shared their experiences with living in an Airstream, and there are certain advantages that cannot be overlooked.


Airstream features a simplistic and sleek design. This type of construction means that the Airstream camper is very convenient to navigate and use. Since there isn’t much that can go wrong with an Airstream, doing small tasks like simple repairs and modifications is very easy.  This sort of design makes the airstream camper very suitable for DIY modifications and decoration.

 Bedroom of an Airstream


Even though the Airstream trailer van is a large vehicle, it is considerably lightweight for its size. This makes it very easy to tow. Towability is obviously important in trailers and an airstream has excellent towability due to its aerodynamic shape and lightweight.


An Airstream is an extremely easy camper van to maintain due to its minimalistic design and other user-friendly features. Living minimalistically in a trailer-like space encourages people to downsize and reorganize frequently. Therefore, when you have less stuff, it is automatically easier to keep clean and maintain. You do save not only time but also money on maintenance. Here are some useful Airstream maintenance tips that will help you protect your RV from damage: 

  • Truck wash: this is the easiest way to get your airstream cleaned. However, going to a truck wash may be time-consuming and expensive compared to DIY methods. Moreover, outsourced companies do not do as good of a job as you would yourself because they tend to miss certain spots. Always remember to take your trailer to the truck wash after a camping trip, especially near salt water, to avoid erosion and other weather-caused damages. 
  • Airstream vehicles have a protective clear coat over the aluminum body. This is like car paint and requires the same type of external care as your car would need. More than frequent washing can form scratches on the clearcoat, so be sure not to over wash the airstream. You must also be careful not to use harsh tools and brushes to clean the exterior. 
  • You can use natural or synthetic wax to protect the surface of your Airstream and keep it new and shiny. 


The construction of an airstream is one of the most commendable things about it. Firstly, it is an extremely durable vehicle that can withstand extreme weather and other materials like salt water and rust. Secondly, the sturdy materials used for construction are also environmentally friendly, such as aluminum, wood, and steel. All these major materials that go into an airstream are safe to use and source, as well as very easily reused and recycled. 

 Bathroom of an Airstream


One of the main attractions of an airstream is the luxury experience in a trailer. The modern and sleek design looks like the interior of a modern apartment shrunk in size. However, if the airstream’s original interior is not your style, but you like the vehicle for its performance, you can always make changes. It is extremely customizable and easy to change. You can add colors of your choice, incorporate fabrics that compliment your aesthetic, and personalize all areas as you like and desire. This is one of the main advantages, considering that some people buy airstreams to move into them permanently, making it their home. 


As compared to a house or even an apartment, RV rents are very low. Renting a space in an RV park for your airstream will cost you way less than a regular living setup. So, an airstream might be more expensive than regular vehicles, but from a living point of view, it saves a lot of expenditure that a house has. Moreover, utilities like power and water are often included in rent, saving more money. 


In conclusion, there are several advantages of an Airstream. These range from financial to lifestyle benefits, such as minimalistic living, ease of use and maintenance, convenience and user-friendly, along with several money-saving angles.