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What No One Tells You About Upgrading Your Home’s Security

What No One Tells You About Upgrading Your Home’s Security

Are you looking to upgrade the security of your home but aren’t a big fan of bars on the windows and barbed wire? Upgrading your home’s security system doesn’t have to transform the outside of your home into Fort Knox!

Many home security companies will tell you that you will need to spend thousands to upgrade your home’s security system. However, there are some simple, effective (and cheap) ways you can achieve this goal without having to call in professional camera installers!

So, here, you will be walked through some of the best options that exist for upgrading your home security system in 2024.

Door Handles

Many people are not aware that there is the option to install door handles that have automatic lock features in their homes.

These usually operate on the ‘lift the handle to lock’ system and are designed to be simplistic and stylish. The handles are also built to last and are made from either steel or titanium. You may have concerns that such handles would cost a fortune. However, they are both affordable and easy to install and can be found at doorcontrolsdirect.co.uk.


There is a somewhat inaccurate scene in the movie Home Alone that depicts 2 burglars trying to break into a large home that is very well-lit. Granted, this film is set in the days before security cameras but, having a well-lit home has, according to statistics, prevented people from breaking in.

So, another way you can upgrade your home security system is by installing some security lights, both on the outside and the inside. You can even opt for smart lights, which can be set to a timer and controlled by your phone. This will create the illusion of someone being at home, even if you are at work!

What No One Tells You About Upgrading Your Home’s Security

Smart Burglar Alarms

One of the first adverts for the Ring doorbell showcased it using a two-way speaker, wherein the homeowner asked someone what they were doing loitering near their property. Now, you can up the security and get a 360-degree view of your home from your smartphone with smart burglar alarms.

These alarms will alert you to people on your property and will also allow you to monitor the cameras in real-time, helping you to keep an eye on what’s going on from wherever there is a WiFi signal.


If you don’t want your home to attract unwanted attention, then a strict rule of thumb is to not place any valuables near the windows.

If the worst does happen and someone breaks into your home, putting your valuables in a drawer won’t do much good! So, aim to have a safe fitted somewhere inconspicuous in your home, such as under the floorboards, or next to your water heater. Make sure that it is code operated and, while it may sound dramatic, make sure it is also fireproof. Yes, some burglars have been known to carry flame throwers!

Alternatively, you could pay for your valuables to be kept at a secure location, such as at a bank, as many banks offer safety deposit boxes to their customers.