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What Should I Do Before Moving to California?

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There may be a number of reasons why you want to uproot and move to California. Some people like the idea of being close to a variety of beaches or going on a whale watching Dana Point, whereas others may want to explore the cities or countryside. Certain people may also be tempted to move due to the hope of becoming the next big star. However, regardless of your reasons, you may want to consider certain aspects before packing up your car and getting on the road.

Living arrangements

Although you might see people uprooting themselves and moving to California on a whim in the movies, it may not be advisable in real life. You may want to look into place to rent or buy within your chosen area. Certain parts of California can be cheaper to live in than others, so you may want to look for homes for sale in Sacramento, rather than some of the bigger, more high-profile cities. Purchasing your own place could also be more of an investment than renting, as this can enable you to remain on the real estate ladder and to have a set location to work and grow your family. Choosing a more remote or affordable location can also mean you have more excess income to play with, which could then be used to tailor your home more to your family’s needs.

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Finding a job

Some people might see California as a chance to start afresh. However, you may struggle to pay your mortgage or rent, or even afford the other basic necessities associated with living, without a job. While you might want to move here to become an actor, it is worth bearing in mind that this only accounts for 0.01% of all jobs you could do within the state, therefore it might be a good idea to consider your other skills and experience, and ensure you have a position secured prior to your move. Realistically, it could be useful to wait for this confirmation before canceling your existing tenancy or signing sales documents, if possible, so that you are not left without a home should things fall through.

Comfort in your new home

While it may be a requirement for rental properties to have air conditioning installed in California, this might not be the case for buyers. In case of excessively hot weather, especially if you plan to move within the summer months, you might want to think about purchasing a portable air conditioning unit. This can also be a lot cheaper than having a system fitted within your home. Moving into a new place can be stressful enough, without also needing to deal with discomfort from the heat. In properties where air conditioning and heating are fully installed, you might want to check they are in good working order prior to signing any agreements.

Moving to California may not be something you want to do on a whim. Researching the different types of properties and jobs available, as well as the general weather and climate, could allow you to settle quickly and even potentially be able to afford the lifestyle of your choosing.