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What to Know When Getting Solar-Powered Panels for Your Rooftop?

What to Know When Getting Solar-Powered Panels for Your Rooftop?

Solar energy is among the most popular green energy sources, giving homeowners a chance to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. There are solar-powered cars, water heaters, air conditioners, and plenty of other things around these days. All these and other solar-powered options form an excellent economical choice.

A vast number of people are now deciding to install solar panels on their rooftops. These panels help them save a considerable amount of money on electricity bills and are less likely to cause environmental damage.

There are some key things that new users can consider about these panels to understand their benefits better.

They use renewable energy

These panels are run by renewable solar energy that reduces the carbon footprint on the environment. There is no end to this incredible green energy as the sun is a constant source of being. This means that you can expect a seamless supply of electricity from solar-powered panels. People who use devices that rely on solar energy save a lot of money every year.

Other sources of renewable energy include wind, geothermal, hydroelectric power, etc. These are forms of sustainable energy that keep the atmosphere cleaner as they do not add to pollution, which places such as factories or industries may do so.

What kind of solar energy is best for you?

When it comes to solar power, there are two dominant technologies for you to choose from,

  1. Photovoltaic, which uses a multitude of cells that convert sunlight into electricity, and
  2. Thermal, which uses the sunlight to heat air or water for use within the house.

If your home uses a lot of electricity, resulting in excessive bills, it may be worth investing in solar thermal energy. It is advisable to hire solar power professionals to install solar-driven technology in your home instead of trying to do it yourself. They have the knowledge and technical expertise to install the technology without hassles.

Does your roof type support the panel?

Most roofs can comfortably support the installation of solar panels. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the top has access to plenty of sunlight, or the purpose of the solar power panel is defeated. Also, if your roof might need fixing or renovation somewhere down the line, it is best to get it done before the panels are put up. This will save you the inconvenience of taking them off and reinstalling them once the roofing work is complete.

Sometimes, people may plant a bunch of stunning oaks and other foliage around their property. This may not be troublesome initially while the trees are still small in height, but they may grow to a mammoth size, becoming taller than the roof. When this happens, they will cause shadows on the panels and block the sunlight. So, it is essential that you keep trimming them regularly.

 What to Know When Getting Solar-Powered Panels for Your Rooftop?

Should you buy or lease them?

You can lease or buy solar panels, depending on your budget and other factors. If you rent the panels, you pay the company that owns the solar system a certain amount of money for the electricity. Once the lease for this service is up, you can decide whether to continue or drop it. This is an economical option for people who live in rented accommodations.

In contrast, buying panels might be a costly affair, but it is sure to fetch you more significant dividends later on. That’s because these panels can run trouble-free for at least a couple of decades, making the initial investment the only considerable expense. You can enjoy a continuous electricity supply for a very long time without any problems. So, buying panels is a wiser investment option for homeowners.

In a nutshell, if you’ve saved enough money and you’re completely ready for a solar system installation, it’s best to buy and build your own. Although the upfront costs are undoubtedly expensive, the panels will pay for themselves eventually, and will even bring excess energy savings to your household. 

Meanwhile, if you’re more eager to minimize your energy costs and help the environment, but don’t have a huge sum to pay for an entire purchase, leasing is your safest option. Make sure to be critical on every lease program and terms offered to you to make the most out of your lease.

They do not require direct sunlight to work

It is true that panels reach maximum efficiency when exposed to the sun in its full strength. However, they can still produce electricity during the winter and on cloudy days, provided they are completely open and unblocked by trees, nearby buildings, or other big obstacles. So, the strong heat from the sun can still reach the panels despite the clouds, enabling them to function without hassles. This functionality makes these types of panels a lot more popular.

Conversely, such panels cannot produce electricity at night. But a solar battery storage system can effectively solve this issue. Should you choose to invest in this battery storage, it will make you a hundred percent energy independent.

You can get compensated thanks to your solar power supply 

As long as your solar system is receiving energy from the sun, especially since it’s placed on your rooftop, it will continue to convert solar energy to electrical energy. Thanks to solar buyback plans, solar system owners can sell the excess solar energy generated from their panels. Typically, they’re credited in the form of bill credits applied to your energy bills. 

In short, availing of a solar buyback program is a win-win situation for solar system owners. They’ll get to enjoy the benefits of their solar panel system while lowering their energy costs even further. 

However, if your solar system is already producing excess solar energy, it’s an evident sign that your solar panels are enough. If you’re planning to add more solar panels, it’s definitely not a good step as you’ll end up wasting money to purchase and install new panels.

Panel maintenance 

Once you buy the panels and have them installed, they require little to no maintenance. All you need to ensure is that there is no dust and other residues on the panels as it might block the sunlight. You may also have to trim super-high hedges around the house to make sure the panels stay open to the sun. Panels installed on slanting roofs will require even less maintenance, as rainwater can easily clean away the residue and dirt on them. 

Most of these solar-powered panels come with a warranty of approximately twenty-five years but may also last for around thirty to forty years if you maintain them well.

It increases the property value

People who have solar energy systems installed at their homes enjoy excellent returns on their investments. It is a fact that solar-powered homes are priced higher in the real estate market than those without such high-end technology. Not only can the homeowners get back what they initially paid for the solar system, but they also have high chances of achieving a premium on it.

The fact that a home has a reliable, eco-friendly solar power system is highly attractive to buyers. Most people will unhesitatingly invest in such a property, even if it costs a little more, because they realize that it will save them money in the long run.

Flexible installation

It is simple and easy to install solar panels in small or large areas. Also, they can be installed almost anywhere. The panels can effectively use vertical or horizontal spaces of buildings, bridges, roads, satellites, and even spacecraft. This installation versatility has enabled solar energy to make its way into various aspects of life. They are also present on window blinds and phone chargers. 

Furthermore, vast spaces are increasingly being used to set up solar farms that can generate unimaginable amounts of electricity. Even the next-generation boats, cars, and other vehicles are on their way to updating solar power functionality.