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What Type of Fencing Is Best for Your Home?

Metal fence

While some people prefer an open space in their homes, others what something more enclosed. Fencing is very important for homes in many ways, and there are several types of fencing you can do depending on what works for you. But before choosing, here are some factors that you need to consider. 

Is it secure

One of the major reasons for having a home fence is to ensure the security of your home and properties, so when choosing your type of fence you need to pick one that meets the requirement. A tall fence without horizontal rails is an ideal pick for this, this is because it prevents intruders from climbing into your compound using the rail. Security of your home is of utmost importance, especially for houses with exciting features like pools. These are often usually big attractions for intruders who may trespass on your property when no one is there. For better security, you should consider installing a lockable gate to the fence. 

What’s your take on privacy

The beauty of having a fence around your house is that it demarcates your property from that of your neighbors. Also, it keeps you and your affairs out of the sight of others. So if you are a private person you may want to look out for fence types that will offer you some level of privacy.

A short fence may help but not as much as the tall ones would. Having a tall fence keeps you out of everyone’s sight; it’s just you and your thing. Choose a fence that has little or no spaces between boards, or better still, just opt for a tall brick wall, they are usually thicker and often used for building retaining walls and fences. If you live in a busy area, this may be the perfect reason to put much consideration into the type of fence you choose for your home. 

Does it fit your budget?

Home fences vary by type and likewise by price so before choosing one ensure that you are not spending beyond your budget. Nevertheless, there are two things to this, the most expensive fencing option may not eventually turn out to be what you need, and in the same way, the cheapest choice may not be the most economical in the long run. 

The initial cost should not be the only concern, maintenance should also be considered. Ask yourself if you are willing to commit to maintaining the beauty and durability of your new fence. There is a varying level of maintenance for each type of fence depending on the material they are made from. So try to make proper research earlier on so you don’t end up spending more than you estimated. 

 Wood fence

Can you get someone for the job?

Before starting look out for different contractors in the area that can give you what you want. Although some fences can be built in a DIY way, some others require professional skills and tools. Check the contractor’s background and, possibly, reviews before hiring. If you have a fence around that you are comfortable with, you can ask the homeowner for the contractor’s contact. This way you have physical proof of their competence. Check out Cedar Mountain Fence and get a quote.

Will it increase your home value?

A fence is a vital part of a house, so installing it is likely to raise the value of your home. Although it may vary depending on the type of fence you have installed, it is still sure to increase the numbers for its market price. Also, you are likely to get more interested buyers this way, since anyone getting the house does not need to bother about installing a new fence. The only hiccup is that not everyone may be a fan of that type of fence, but that should not be something to worry about. Since the fence comes with the house, you’re sure to get a buyer who is willing to go with the flow. 

What are the types to choose from?


This is a common material for making fences, and one of the oldest. Wooden fences come in a variety of styles and heights. They are simple yet add so much beauty to a house. This is a cheap fencing option, in terms of purchase and installation. If you have basic carpentry skills this could be a nice DIY project. However, this might not be the best option if you want something strong and durable. 

Cast iron

Metal fences are also beautiful, and as a plus, they are durable and can stand for long years. They have varying heights and sizes, and you can paint the fence with any color you want. This type of fencing can greatly boost the value of your home. Metal fences are easy to maintain. If your fence becomes unattractive after some years, you can recoat it, or better still let the vines climb on it. The major limitation here though is that this type of fence is expensive.

Luckily, if you want a cheaper alternative you could opt for aluminum fencing instead of wrought iron. They are also attractive, durable, and with low maintenance costs. 


Asides from wood, this is one other cheap fencing material for your home. The fence is constructed using PVC stakes which are usually fastened with screws or adhesives. They can be easily maintained and can be built to different heights. However, it is not as durable as other fencing materials. 


If you want something more natural to add to the beauty of your home, this is one for you. Bamboo fencing is strong if properly done but it does not do too well with moisture. Fortunately, with a bit of coating, it can last for a longer period. 

For homes with pets, home fencing is one way to ensure the safety of your pets. Also, fencing can serve as a shield from the wind, especially in windy areas. Rather than focus on the price, focus more on its maintenance and durability, and most of all, on getting what will meet your needs. Also, you may need to check your neighborhood restrictions so you do not violate any codes by constructing a fence.