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What You Need To Know To Choose Living Room Furniture

70's inspired living room

The living room plays a special role in the house, being the place where it is customary for the whole family to gather after a working day, relax, watch TV, and meet guests. And in order for the room to perform the function assigned to it clearly and efficiently, it must be furnished with the correct furniture, selected tastefully. Living furniture will create a delightful homely atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the living room. With furniture from Koala Living furniture store, any interior will be transformed, visually making the room bright, spacious and stylish. When planning to furnish a room with furniture, you need to take into account a number of nuances, since a large purchase and a planned arrangement require adherence to certain rules.

 sofas and armchairs in living room inspired by the 70s

Features Of The Choice Of Furniture For An Exquisite Living Room Interior

It is good when the decor of the room emphasizes the character and impeccable taste of the owners and at the same time corresponds to current trends. Despite the difficulties in this combination, furniture will add style and originality to the living room. When choosing living room furniture, you need to follow certain recommendations:

  • Decide on the size. When choosing furniture for the living room, you need to estimate the required number of seats. After all, the size of the furniture affects the price of the item. Decide whether you should rely only on your family members or buy a larger sofa right away, taking into account the arrival of guests. Consider adding a couple of extra poufs or a few folding chairs.
  • Assess the shape of the room. Sometimes you need to “save square meters”, sometimes – on the contrary, you need to “fill the void”. Compact corner sofas are also appropriate in miniature living rooms. In terms of area, they are equal to a two-seater sofa + an armchair, but one more person will sit in the “corner”. Certain items require a passageway. 
  • Select the purpose of the item. It is very important to have a good idea of ​​the purpose for which you are going to purchase this or that item. Take a sofa, for example. It can be designed to perform one or several functions. In the first case, only sit on it. In the second, they sit and lie, and often sleep. This is, of course, very convenient, but do not forget that each additional feature increases the price. There is no need to overpay for “extra” opportunities. 
  • Furniture materials: To choose living room furniture that will delight you for years to come, pay attention to its performance characteristics. Do they correspond to the conditions in which the furniture will serve? If you have a cat or dog in your home, choose a material that is scratch-resistant. Small children automatically prohibit fragile materials, unless you intend to lock the living room from them. Allergy sufferers should pay attention to environmentally friendly natural materials.


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