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What You Should Consider Before Investing in New Combi Boiler Installation

What You Should Consider Before Investing in New Combi Boiler Installation

A boiler could be your savior during those cold winter months. After all, a boiler burns gas to heat water, which is definitely needed in the winter. It’s also necessary, however, that you buy a decent boiler in order to achieve durability and longevity. It can be stressful to go shopping for a boiler due to the cost. Although such an appliance is a major investment, it’s something that should last for a long time.

While many people have been accustomed to online shopping, some prefer to buy their boiler the old-fashioned way. However, today, it’s just as efficient and reliable to buy online. Either way, there are a few things you should know before you invest in a boiler, whether it’s a new combi boiler installation or a conventional or system boiler.


Cost-cutting on a boiler can lead to further payments for repairs or damages. It can further result in fatal or dangerous situations that can be otherwise avoided. If you don’t have the funds for an appropriately-priced and brand boiler, you shouldn’t just go ahead and buy a cheaper alternative. The cost is dependent on the guarantees, cleaning and maintenance, controls to be used, aftercare services, and whether the company provides an installer for installation and maintenance.

Size and Dimensions

Every boiler type varies in assembly and function. You can also find them in different sizes and dimensions. If your family is small, there’s no point in considering a larger boiler, as it will just waste your money. On the other hand, a small boiler for a larger family can see it damaged earlier than you might expect. To choose the right size for your boiler, think of such factors as how many bathrooms you have in your home, the size of your family, the space needed for the appliance, and usage frequency.

 What You Should Consider Before Investing in New Combi Boiler Installation


Replacing an old-style boiler with a new gas condensing model saves you money on maintenance and bills. In fact, a boiler that’s energy-efficient can lead to an almost 50% reduction in your bill in a few months. The heat exchanger captures the heat released by the escaped hot gases. The exchanger then traps and recovers more heat than what is typical.

Even if your old boiler is somewhat efficient, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give some thought to replacing it with a condensing boiler to increase efficiency and save money. Installing a model will improve the functionality and comfort in your home, as well as increase the value of your property should you decide to sell it at some point in the future.

After Sales Support

Buying a boiler and having it installed is part of it, but having it maintained and checked occasionally is also important. Manufacturers say that if a boiler is incorrectly installed, it can result in more harm than the appliance’s functioning or composition. Even if you’ve taken extra care in using the boiler, you could pay for that damage. That’s why it’s important to have an official engineer provide your after sales support to look out for any potential damages.