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When to Hire a Commercial Locksmith  

Man changing core of a door lock of the entrance glass door

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Commercial locksmiths are experts in the different kinds of security systems that a business needs. These are vastly different from what you need in a residential setting. Not only is this about overall security but about individual access points. And in a workplace, there will be more than a few points.

It is not uncommon for these spaces to require fluidity in terms of access and movement. But they must also make sure that the place itself is safe from outside attacks. You also need a professional who can install and maintain the systems put in place.

For all this and more, you need commercial locksmiths. Here are the most common reasons why you should hire one.

When It’s a New Place

When you’ve taken up a new office space, it’s almost mandatory to get new locks for obvious reasons. You don’t want whoever worked there before to have access to your workspace. As a matter of fact, this is applicable to residential spaces as well.

Sometimes the process is simplified by rekeying the space but changing locks is the best option. This will make sure that you have new locks, which also eliminates any potential problems regarding wear and tear along with damage.

Changing the locks involves changing the door hardware as well as opposed to just changing the lock ID, which is done during a rekeying process.

You want to make sure you get a commercial locksmith who can assess the level of security you want and install appropriate security systems.

When You Need to Get Repairs Done

Commercial businesses often prefer to rekey the locks instead of replacing locks. But as mentioned earlier, this leaves the place vulnerable to attacks caused by wear and tear or damage.

Nevertheless, if you prefer only to rekey because changing the locks is more expensive and a lot of work as well, it is important to know that this process, while relatively easier, it’s not actually easy and that still requires the expertise of a commercial locksmith.

 Workman repairing entrance door lock of an office

When You Need Priority Service

Commercial businesses need to have priority and safety services because the occupants of the space are typically many more than a home, for instance. This means you will need to keep emergency services handy.

When it comes to the complexities of a business establishment, you need to make sure that you adhere to certain safety protocols. You also need to have emergency commercial locksmiths available at all times to make sure no one is in danger.

This is not just good sense but, in many cases, a compliance issue and a part of many industries. It’s a part of workplace safety. Not following these protocols can lead to trespassing issues.

You might also need to guard the place against intruders which is why a commercial locksmith is best suited for the recommendation and installation of the right security system.

They also make sure the turnaround is very quick which is important to keep the business functioning without security hassles.

When You Need Master Key Systems

Many businesses have multiple rooms and each of them needs to have a key. But since that gets inconvenient, and it often does, businesses need to have a master key that can open all doors. This is preferred to someone carrying a whole bunch of keys. While that looks cool and retro, a bunch of keys is neither efficient nor desired.

Losing any of those keys or the whole bunch leads to a whole set of problems. So, businesses often install master key systems. Now, a residential locksmith is equipped to deal with master key systems but it’s subjective. So, you want to hire a commercial lock smith like ABLocksmiths to make sure there are no problems on this front.

When Security Needs an Upgrade

Growth in technology can be a gift as well as a curse. So, from time to time you will need to make sure that your security systems can withstand intruders. A commercial locksmith is not just the best person but also what any business needs to keep up with these advances in technology.

Many firms now offer upgrading services along with maintenance to make sure that your business is up to date when it comes to security systems. For instance, many businesses still use manual keys.

When it’s time to get rid of them (and the duplicates) you will need a commercial locksmith to assess the situation and upgrade them. This way, you can ensure that anyone asking for a duplicate gets one only when they are authorized for one.

Parting Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons to get a commercial locksmith when you are trying to get a good enough security system installed for your business.

They are professionals who can assess your individual needs and put a system in place which makes it easy for everyone who is authorized to have access while protecting the establishment from outside attacks.