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Where You Can Buy a Waterfront Home Under $1M: Top 5 Suggestions for 2023

External view beachfront house

Homes with waterfronts are considered luxurious properties. Despite the region, waterfront homes or lakefront properties are often expensive. Therefore, you must have a significant amount of money to buy a waterfront home anywhere in the world. In other words, you have to be rich. But can you buy a waterfront home for under a million dollars? 

In the U.S., there are waterfront, lakefront, and even oceanfront properties available. If you own a million dollars, you can find such properties near Long Beach, Daytona Beach, Coos Bay, Port, Arthur, Ocean Springs, and so on. So there are places in America where you can buy a waterfront home for under $1m.

With that said, we have compiled a list of some of the top places in the US where you can buy a waterfront home for under $1m or less. This will help reduce the burden of finding a waterfront home under $1m. 

Top 5 Places Where You Can Buy a Waterfront Home Under $1M

Any state in the U.S. has waterfront properties available for less than $1 million. But very few of them can be found for less than $1 million. We have put together a list of the top 5 places to check in order to make your search for a waterfront property under $1 million easier.

Without further ado, let’s look at the list of beachfront properties available for less than $1 million.

1. Sleepy Hollow, New York

This calm, historic community of 10,000 people is located along the Hudson River only 25 miles from New York City in the north. No other name could be more appropriate for this community than Sleepy Hollow. Kingsland Point Park and Horan’s Landing are just two of Sleepy Hollow’s outstanding waterfront parks. That is why it is easier to find waterfront houses in Sleepy Hollow for under $1 million, particularly in those areas. 

In this part of Westchester County, you may find the ideal fusion of old-world charm, modern convenience, and picturesque, unspoiled countryside. It offers its citizens a wide range of opportunities. You will want to make Sleepy Hollow your permanent home whether you are traveling to this beautiful city or working nearby.  

Numerous historic landmarks may be found in this region of Westchester County. Moreover, local activities like farmer’s markets and summer concerts are frequently scheduled. You will always have access to recreation thanks to its thriving commercial areas and several recognized educational institutions.

2. Lake Erie City, New York 

Lake Erie City, as its name indicates, is a lovely hamlet situated on the eastern shore of Lake Erie in the far west of New York. Lake Erie City is perched on the edge of a coastline that is 700 miles from the lake. It is full of wineries, artisan breweries, and hiking trails. Additionally, there is so much to do that may take several weeks to find all of the undiscovered treasures of the region.

Lake Erie has a reputation for being the 11th largest lake in the world and ranks 4th among the largest lakes in North America. All these make Lake Erie one of the 5 Great lakes in America. Being the smallest and shallowest lake in terms of volume, it has a very short water retention time. Therefore, houses near this Great lake are not so expensive, and you can easily find a lakefront or waterfront home under $1m. Living in Lake Erie city is extremely inexpensive.     

 Detail of a balcony of a beach house

3. Ocean City, Maryland

The vacation destination of Ocean City in the state of Maryland, sits within the Isle of Wight Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful place surrounded by a beach. And the area is decorated with stores, hotels, and restaurants. Everything can be accessed through a wooden broad walkway. 

The city is mostly filled with tourists since there is a wealth of things to do, see, and enjoy throughout the whole year. Kayaks and tourist boats are frequently seen on the local seas. Although Ocean City might be considered a tourist spot, there are plenty of houses for permanent residency. 

In Ocean City, condos range in price from $100,000 to $2.5 million. The most common type of accommodation is a condo, and beachfront condos are widely accessible. whereas single-family beachfront houses may cost up to $4 million and start at roughly $200,000. In fact, there are several real estate possibilities in Ocean City for all price ranges.       

4. Aurora, North Carolina

Aurora is one of the beautiful places to buy a waterfront home in all over the US. With a population of only 450 (as of 2021), you will find it very peaceful living in this county.  This community of North Carolina lies on the Pamlico River, which is not too far from the sandy beaches. 

As a waterfront community, Aurora has a lot to offer in terms of living and working. There are plenty of golf courses, yacht clubs, and wineries; which make the area premium.  Aside from the Aurora Fossil Museum, people celebrate the memorial day through the Fossil Festival. 

According to real estate trends, residents in Aurora typically pay $1 million to purchase a home. Therefore, the odds of finding a beachfront house in this neighborhood are slim but not impossible. There have only been 88 new listings in the previous 28 days, which is another trend that shows monthly declines in property values. These increase your likelihood of purchasing a beachfront house.

5. Theodore, Alabama

This tranquil region, a suburb of Alabama, touts itself as a haven for nature lovers. Remember, Theodore is a self-governing city and one of the census-designated places in the United States. It also belongs to the metropolitan region of Mobile. So, residents need to be aware of the taxes and utilities living in this area.

It is a component of the eight-trail network known as the Alabama Coasting Birding Trail. The adjoint Gulf Coast home provides bird watchers with year-round opportunities to see a group of birds involving 400 species. The city is also filled with museums and parks. 

A fully furnished home in Theodore might be expensive and cross a million dollars. However, there are properties near lakes that cost below $1m. You may need to invest in further decorations and establishments after purchasing such homes. Also, there are open places near lakes to build an ordinary home or waterfront home if your budget is limited. 

That concludes our list of places to find waterfront homes that are available for less than $1 million. A home with a view of the lake or the ocean is something to cherish forever. As a tip, consider looking for a beachfront property in the locations mentioned above; those are intended for single families, not joint families. 

Because beachfront homes for joint families are usually more expensive than $1 million. However, some of the single-family waterfront houses will have enough room for a large family or group of friends.

Given the possibilities listed above, we are assuming you now believe there are areas in America where you can buy a waterfront home for under $1m.