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Why Academic Writing is Important?

Why Academic Writing is Important?

It is quite tempting to assume that some things are more important or valued than others. This situation is also true for academic writing since its importance is often underestimated by students. Indeed, certain people may claim that knowledge itself is more important than the expression of this knowledge. Another example is the opinion that good results of passing some attestation should be more valued than writing an essay. However, it can be said that academic writing is a skill that has to be developed and appreciated due to a range of reasons. In this article, we are going to discuss what are the main benefits of being good at academic writing. Also, check here for good examples of academic work.

Good academic writing equals excellent marks

It is not a secret that academic writing is used mostly in academic and scientific institutions. In academic writing, the main focus is on a clear and accurate presentation of information together with the author’s critical reasoning. Therefore, getting good test results and writing excellent academic papers are two main conditions of being successful in college or university.

Academic writing is a form of informative and analytical non-fiction writing that is usually seen in academic works. Academic writing can be divided into analytical, descriptive, persuasive, and critical forms. All the mentioned kinds of writing aim to convey information and the author’s reasoning with relevant evidence and arguments.

We can see the following types of academic writing papers in schools, colleges, and universities:

  • essay: is a relatively short form of academic writing. It should contain arguments, the author’s observations, and insights. Furthermore, an essay should often use information from certain sources provided by an instructor. Usually, an essay comes in the form of an answer to a certain question.
  • research paper: is more detailed and in-depth research compared to an essay. This investigation also comes in the form of an answer to a certain problem chosen by a student.
  • thesis or dissertation: is a final academic project that has to be presented by the end of acquiring a degree.
  • research proposal: an outline or plan for a future research project. The research proposal usually includes such sections as introduction, literature review, methodology.
  • literature review: a compilation and critical overview of existing literature on a specific topic. As a rule, this review is created to inform about potential references that will be used in further research.

Academic writing is required to be presented in one of the following academic formats: MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. Therefore, being good at writing deals with understanding and following the rules that exist in the framework of the mentioned formats.

To get the highest marks, you will also need to make sure you fully understand the task requirements, pose an interesting question to answer in your writing, adhere to the requirements of the form, and the required style. Avoid all sorts of slang, informal language, and contractions. Also, high-quality academic writing requires the use of quality sources, the correct in-text referencing, the art of paraphrasing, the right grammar, and spelling, and clarity. It is possible to find more information about academic writing requirements or even to order a paper on this essay paper writing service.

 Why Academic Writing is Important?

Writing makes your reasoning clearer

Writing is not only good for your marks. It should be noted that writing improves the overall thinking process and assist in the process of critical skills development. It can be explained by the fact that a person has to research, confront, and critically evaluate the opinions of different people. Furthermore, a writer has to figure out his own opinion on the matter and present it with strong arguments in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. Last but not least, writing boosts research skills and helps to figure out the ways to find the necessary information.

Writing helps you to learn

It is not so surprising that academic writing also helps you to learn. It was shown that writing significantly improves conceptual learning due to the reflective and analytical nature of the writing process. Writing an essay or dissertation requires a lot of research work that deals with one particular problem or even its connection to other disciplines.

Writing will help in your further career

Writing can help in your further career. First, writing skills will be a must for those who have an aspiration to become professional writers. In this case, you will have to learn how to write about diverse subjects that may not be within your sphere of interest. Second, academic writing is an essential skill for Ph.D. students and professors who have to express their scientific discoveries understandably. Third, being good at academic writing means that you may write your CV and cover letter with flying colors. The thing is that you will be able to research your potential employer and present skills and abilities in the best possible way.

As can be seen, writing in general and academic writing, in particular, has a lot of advantages. This is an irreplaceable skill when it comes to being good at college or university, developing analytical and critical thinking skills.