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Why Architects Do Well as Real Estate Agents

Why Architects Do Well as Real Estate Agents

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a great time to be a real estate agent. The real estate market is booming in many places, particularly outside of big cities. There’s a trend of big-city residents moving to the suburbs right now, likely to get more space as most of us are working from home and spending more time at home in general. 

The housing market has been incredibly strong during this time, and real estate agents have a lot of flexibility to continue working even in challenging times. For example, there are tech tools at their disposal, from real estate agent app development options to virtual tour software. 

People are increasingly buying homes entirely online, but they still want the guidance of an experienced agent through the process. 

With that being said, it might be a good time for architects to get into real estate. 

There are some reasons it’s a good fit for architects to also go into the business of selling homes. 

Doing both could provide unique income opportunities for architects at a time when there are serious headwinds in many other industries. 

The Intersection of Architecture and Real Estate

While they are separate industries, there is quite a bit of intersection between architecture and real estate. 

Many real estate agents, for example, have a deep understanding and appreciation of home styles and architectural features. Real estate agents often rely on architecture as a selling point of properties. 

An architect who branches out into real estate will already have that knowledge, so they’re able to offer an in-depth perspective on the features of a home, and they also have an eye for detail. 


While architects have general knowledge and understanding that can bring a lot to the table for buyers and sellers, there’s a specific area where they may be especially useful as an agent. 

Architects can help buyers who want a fixer-upper, which is very common. This is especially true right now, as there’s a limited inventory of houses, and it’s a seller’s market. 

 Why Architects Do Well as Real Estate Agents

When an architect works as an agent, they have an eye for changes that could be made to increase the aesthetic and financial value of a property. They can serve as a multifaceted guide for clients and help them offer unique judgments. 

An architect who is also a realtor can help buyers understand how much work will go into bringing their ideas to fruition, and they’ll know the technicalities and logistics that will have to be considered—for example, pulling permits. 

When a buyer is working with both an architect and a real estate agent simultaneously, it can end up saving them money because they may need to consult with fewer outside experts. 

It may be that in addition to acting as a guide or consultant, an architect can work with buyers once it’s time for construction to begin. 

Architects Can Spot Risks

An architect is going to be able to more easily and clearly see potential construction risks in a property. For example, something like a crack or leak that may not be seen by a real estate agent or underestimated as far as their impact could be a major red flag to an architect who understands structural integrity. 

An architect-agent can help you understand the potential implications of the problem and also what it would take to fix it properly. 

Having an architect-agent who can spot problems can also help you in the negotiation process. 

Starting From Scratch

If you want to build your own home, you can begin working with a realtor who has a background in architecture as you find your property and start the process. 

They’re going to be able to explain the process to you in-depth, and also help you in the coordination of contractors and subcontractors who will ultimately do the work. 

Benefits for Sellers 

While many of the above benefits are focused on architect-agents working with buyers, there are benefits for sellers as well. 

For example, an architect seller’s agent can help showcase how truly unique a home is, based on design and spatial elements. 

Architects can identify potential in a home and use it as a selling point, and they have an understanding of cyclical design trends as well as resale value. 

If you’re in the market for a real estate agent, you might want to consider someone with a background in architecture. Similarly, if you’re an architect and you’d like to expand your revenue streams, you might think about being a licensed real estate agent.