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Why Do You Need Biohazard Vehicle Cleanup and Disinfection?

Crime scene cleanup services can wipe down biohazard debris no matter the circumstances. Only experts in the field can do the meticulous job, as it can cause certain confusion due to shock. For this reason, vehicle cleanup services are created to prevent exposing somebody to a crime scene. In addition to the service is proper disinfection adhering to certain regulations and protocols suitable for this kind of sensitive situation. In this way, any car can have a second life, as good as new.

What is Biohazard Car Cleaning?  

Biohazard car cleaning is essential when accidents or tragedies occur on vehicles where a particular group cleans up the mess. It requires more than a regular cleaning process using chemical treatments to eliminate blood and other debris odors.

This aims to disinfect any kind of vehicle that suffered from crimes and accidents. It promotes thorough cleaning in and out of the car removing blood, vomit, and other body fluids. The entire process totally differs from the usual car cleaning that takes years of experience to master the job.

Proper disinfection of biohazardous materials must follow strict regulations provided locally or in-state. Since incidents may happen day or night, thus the industry has no set timeline and operates all day. The team is authorized for discrete cleanup regardless of the situation, they are always ready to serve.

When Do Individuals Need Biohazard Vehicle Cleanup Services?

Biohazard cleanup services are only desirable when something terrible happens. It could be the prime solution to call for help. Some of the examples include the following:

  • Homicides
  • Suicide
  • Crime scene
  • Car accidents
  • Medical emergencies
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Unattended deaths

How does it work?

Aftercare can handle a vehicle cleanup service within one hour after a call request. We have the equipment and latest techniques in getting rid of all biohazards on the crime scene. The workforce assures providing the best possible results from wiping down surfaces to removing harmful pathogens. We are also responsible for all paper works from start to finish.

There can be an exposure risk to pathogens for the worker, which we aim to avoid by sending them to several sets of training before going to operations. We guarantee hiring crews who are licensed to do the job and have certification.

Aftercare offers a variety of cleanup services in connection with biohazard situations. The cleanup specialists will arrive at the crime scene once the first responders leave. They do more than cleaning but deep clean all hard surfaces.  

 Why Do You Need Biohazard Vehicle Cleanup and Disinfection?

Biohazard Car Cleaning Process

Like the other cleaning companies, we follow a 3-step of remediation process to satisfy clients. Here is the biohazard car cleaning process that begins with:

Safety Gear

Safety is essential in undertaking a car cleaning process in a particular situation. Before arriving at the crime scene, all the cleanup specialists must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for protection against deadly substances. For example, are pathogens that bear viruses and bacteria harmful for humans.

PPE involves gears and tools useful for cleanup that depends on the level of the situation. It includes goggles, a mask, gloves, and a clothing covering.

From the protective gloves down to the boots, a cleaning specialist’s gear is typically made for medical use. This is to ensure that the specialist is getting the protection needed while undertaking a biohazard vehicle cleanup and disinfection.

Contamination Removal

Physical contamination such as body fluids, blood, and some biological materials can be hazardous if neglected. These must be collected for disposal from the vehicle preventing bad odor and other diseases.


After removing all the visible materials, begin cleaning the automobile to totally get rid of disease-causing pathogens. This could be the most challenging part where cutting away of car seats might happen.


An odor may still exist after a thorough cleaning process, which happens more often. Part of biohazard remediation is to absolutely eliminate bad odor making the vehicle useful again. Therefore, specialized disinfectants were made to easily remove whatever is spilled on the floor causing the stinky smell.


To guarantee a level of disinfection that meets hospital standards, a testing technology can verify. This is upon completion of the remediation process to make use of the car in the future.

Is It Affordable?

Biohazard car cleaning costs can vary depending on the level of damage to the vehicle resulting from a traumatic event. Cleaning up an area of crime is a difficult job, without a doubt. Aftercare so provides a free estimate to give an idea of the possible cost to incur. Seeing the situation face-to-face makes it easier for us to assess the possible payment. Moreover, Aftercare is covered by liability insurance to offer more reasonable prices with a variety of providers.

Why Hiring Professionals is Necessary?

Simply walking through a blood cleanup service can be traumatic and handling the situation by yourself is at extreme risk. An unauthorized person may get infected by hazardous materials at the crime scene while cleaning up. Also, there is no free access for safety gear, and buying some can add up to your costs rather than calling for professional help. Biohazard cleaning incidents are a result of stressful events by which cleaning the debris may reopen traumas alongside.

Overall, hiring professionals to do the job can even help restore your car back to normal. Aftercare cleanup services guarantee reasonable rates for this heavy work. For many years of service, the company has gained a reputation in the industry that you can trust. We offer services day or night to guarantee emergency responses, 7-days a week.

For interested clients in Virginia and North Carolina, contact the Aftercare to obtain free estimates to get started.