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Why Does Wall Art Matter Most in Interior Design?

Living room with green sofa and pink walls and large wall art

When we plan interior design, not a single detail should be overlooked. Just imagine: you chose the paint and custom wallpaper for home and did it with great taste. You have carefully selected the furniture, and each item is in its place. You have used a complex and balanced lighting scenario, and now your home is functional and attractive. However, if you have not taken care of the appropriate decor, you will definitely feel some discomfort and incompleteness. Think about it—perhaps your interior lacks wall art?

Today, designers pay tribute to wall art, highlighting it as one of the key components of any decor. Perhaps there isn’t a simpler or faster way to transform a living space and add the desired sophistication, elegance, extravagance, and color. So, why did paintings become the focus of the attention of homeowners and professional decorators today? We are ready to give you some good reasons.

It Makes Your Life Rich and Enjoyable

So much has already been said about the role of art in our health and mental well-being that we will not talk about it now. Indeed, while admiring or studying the paintings on the walls, you can feel your spirit lift and become happy, calm, or even mesmerized. The colors, the theme, and the composition of wall art become the very factors that can shape your life mood and determine your view even when you prefer staying at home.

It Contributes to a Balanced Color Palette

The selection of colors for the interior is subject to certain rules. So, we may choose two, for a maximum of three basic colors for the room. At the same time, you will need a few additional colors for greater harmony, and it will be the easiest way to ensure this balance with the help of wall art.

Choose your paintings carefully and with an eye to the basic tones. You may consider custom paintings, such as those at Noble Portrait. The palette of colors can be consonant with one or two basic colors or act as a contrast. However, if they combine well, the interior will sound perfect. Use the color wheel if you are afraid of mistakes and want to find a perfect mix.

It Provides Interior Rhythm and Texture

Depending on the composition, theme, and palette, paintings can look completely different and have different sizes as well, giving a variety of senses of texture to space. Thanks to this, wall art emphasizes the rhythm of the interior you need and can make the room brighter, cozier, warmer, or more mysterious. It all depends on what the interior of your dreams looks like.

 Detail of modern kitchen with red marble cooktop on which rests pretty wall art

It Is the Best Option for a Color Accent

A color accent is necessary for both creating a focus and as a way to arrange a more lively and diverse living space. Wall art copes with this task perfectly. For example:

  1. A bright color splash on a white or beige wall will create the feeling of a room flooded with the sun.
  2. A black-and-white graphic landscape on the surface of bright juicy color will give your eyes the necessary rest.
  3. Collages of paintings in dark tones against neutral walls will provide a mysterious atmosphere. 

It Is Necessary as a Finishing Touch

It’s amazing how just a painting on the wall can make a space vibrant, replete, and absolutely harmonious. A canvas of the right size, with good composition and palette, turns the most modest room into an object from the centerfold of a design magazine.

In addition, you can instantly change the tone of your interior by replacing a picture on the wall or adding one or two new ones. Playing and experimenting with wall art can lead to the most unexpected results, but the completeness of the design invariably remains the bonus.

It Tells a Lot About the Owner

Our art preferences are nothing but a reflection of our inner world, our own values, and our vision of everything around us. The wall art that you choose is a kind of revelation for those who come to your home and can tell an observant person about you, even if you don’t fully understand about yourself.

That is why we can so often see unusual wall art in the homes of extraordinary and bright people with original thinking. A unique work tells a unique and fresh story that everybody wants to listen to from the beginning to the end.


We hope that the arguments in favor of wall art in home interiors are really convincing and that you are not averse to decorating your rooms with it. Evaluate the features of the furniture and colors in the room, think about what you want to see in your space, and make a choice. If the painting you chose looks like it has always been hanging on your wall, you have done it right.