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Why Every Home Should have a Portable Generator

Why Every Home Should have a Portable Generator

Can you imagine spending your nights without electricity? Have you thought about an occasion when you couldn’t use your gadgets due to a low battery? These situations come up suddenly when there’s a power outage. That’s why you must prepare your home for such events by purchasing a portable generator.

In years past, people shy away from keeping big generators at home due to noise and pollution. The hassle of apologizing to irate neighbors for gas emissions was too tiring. But then, manufacturers solved these issues by providing portable generators. We’re not saying that these models don’t make noise or emit gas. But they make little noise, and the pollution is not as much as the big guys.

But, if you want to avoid fuel cost, noise, pollution, or even stress, you can buy an inverter generator. This type is a whole new and exciting method of powering your home when the usual electricity supply is not available.

So, instead of spending a boring evening at home due to a power outage, use a generator and light things up.  Let’s see other reasons for getting a portable generator today.

1.    Power Outage

One of the main reasons for buying any type of generator is to prepare for a power failure. In some countries, such occurrences may happen once every year, but many countries experience it regularly. No matter where you reside, a power failure can be very sudden, especially when the weather is bad. You can’t stay in darkness because many things could go wrong. So, buy a small generator, to provide light in the house and avoid accidents. Here is a good list of recommended portable generators you can check. Click here for different portable generators you can choose from. 

Here are some reasons why you may need a generator:

  • Power a medical device: Sometimes, a family member is dependent on a medical device that needs electricity, such as a nebulizer. In case of power outage, you can use your portable generator to power your lamps and medical devices. 
  • Use for other activities: You can use generators to power your lamps and other devices when camping outdoors or for other activities, such as using power tools.
  • Charge your electric or hybrid car: If you’re not using the generator for other things, you can also use it to charge your car or other devices.
  • Be comfortable in emergencies: Depending on the generator you get, you can use it to power heating and cooling equipment, such as an electric fan or even air conditioning at home, during an outage. This means that your family can remain comfortable during such a time.
  • Have fresh water: Some water sources depend on electricity to work. During power outage, you don’t have to worry where to get fresh water because your water source can still work with your generator. 

Do work at home: Whether you’re running your own business or working from home, you can still work despite a power failure. A portable generator can easily power your computer and printer at home.

2.    Ease of Use

Portable generators are one of the simplest sources of light available. Yes, there’s solar, but then you have to set it up before use. The loud and bulky generators of the yesteryears were not very easy to use. But when it comes to portable generators, all you need to do is a simple connection, and light becomes available. You don’t need an extra hand to start or set it up, unlike what we had before. The good thing about this is that when you are alone in the house or when another family member is alone, it will be easy to start these generators. So, no need to wait for another person to help out when the need arises.

3.    Fuel Economy

Did you know that a portable generator saves money more than a whole-house kind of generator? If you experience power outage many times in your neighbourhood, you’ll likely spend more on big generators than on portable ones. Therefore, if you’ll rather avoid unnecessary fuel bills, get a small machine now. It’s true that the big bucks can produce adequate light, but are you ready for the difficulties of handling them? If no, get a portable source of light and avoid the headache.

 Why Every Home Should have a Portable Generator

4.    Powers small appliances

Portable generators supply the light that can power some of your small appliances. One of the ones we use can accommodate television, laptops, etc. We even use some lights on it too depending on the need. Don’t overlook the importance of using these appliances, especially when everywhere is dark and boring. Get one of these efficient sources of light today and keep things going all the time.

5.    Simple maintenance

Another reason for buying a portable generator is that the maintenance is very simple. Sometimes, all it requires is to clean the plug, check the oil gauge and adjust the fuel pump. Many people often handle these little issues themselves when it occurs. But if you go for the big generators, be ready to spend money on hiring electricians to maintain it.

6.    Longer lifespan

Maybe due to the small loads they carry, portable generators can stay with you for many years. Some people even dispose of it by reselling or giving out to other people. Therefore, don’t frown at buying these machines because they can save lots of money. Instead of going for the big bucks and spend more money on maintenance and repurchase, pick a portable generator.


Remember that, apart from boosting your comfort, a portable generator also protects your family during the nights when there’s no power.  Many options are available out there, but you have to pick the correct one. One of the ways to make a good choice is by determining your power load. Remember that portable generators cannot power your whole house. Many types can carry your refrigerators, lights, and even a PC. But when you want to power stuff like electric stoves, heaters, air conditioners deep freezers, you’ll need a bigger generator. Also, if you experience constant power outages, a portable generator may not suffice.  So, if you want a power generator that can carry all your appliances and work continuously, go for the big bucks.