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Why Productivity Starts With Your Living Environment

Why Productivity Starts With Your Living Environment

Productivity can often feel like an elusive goal we can never seem to grasp. How quickly a day can march on, with very many of us unable to accomplish what we set out to do and left feeling unfulfilled. If this sounds painfully familiar, it might be time that you revisit your living environment and set about making some changes that will supercharge your productivity and satisfy your goals. Don’t accept this state as your reality, and let’s set about making some small changes that will pay large dividends.

It starts and ends with rest

It may surprise you to learn that those Z’s you log are actually building your productivity for the next day. That’s why it’s critical that you respect your rest, and make sure you buy a mattress online that will deliver you a night of quality sleep. A quality mattress will take care of your body and mind, putting you in the best position to rest. You should also set a rule within your home that the bedroom is a device-free place, to minimize blue light which gets your brain buzzing before bed. In saying that, it may be impossible to avoid phone use in this space, so simply try to reduce the time spent on your phone and cut out that Netflix bed-viewing.

Give yourself the right tools

Are you still tapping away on that short desk and tall chair? Still struggling to read in your poorly lit living space? And how about the state of your current stationery? Equipping yourself with the right tools will control how well you work, and how you will feel when you are doing so. Standing desks and visual planners are popular additions to a productive environment, keeping you on your feet and connected to your visual goals. If your tools and equipment are not quite serving their purpose in your chosen environment, figure out why that is and see what you can upgrade or replace.

Consider software assistance

Your productivity woes may be beyond procrastination and time constraints. In fact, you may be in need of project management software or apps that will log your workflow and keep you accountable to tasks and deadlines. These platforms are utilized by sole traders right through to large global businesses. It is also particularly effective if you are looking to outsource jobs in the future or grow your team, with the ability to assign and share tasks with a simple click. While this isn’t so much a physical environment as it is a virtual one, these platforms are designed to assist with productivity, so trial one today.

You have a choice on where that environment is

Employers are now discovering that flexible working conditions are critical to productivity. The same goes for you and your needs, either personal or professional. Perhaps there is another space or environment which will yield greater results, beyond your study or office arrangement.

Research suggests that natural light can enhance productivity and cognitive response, so it could be worth looking at positioning yourself in an environment where this is an abundance of light. There is another consideration that has the threat to debilitate your productivity, and that’s clutter. Any space where you can spot mess will have you keep you distracted, so shape up your environment before you commence your work.

Productivity starts with your living environment, so it’s important that you start there and get it right so you can start producing and flourishing in your own right. As you likely know, respecting your rest and putting the right structures and rules in place will keep you rested and charged.