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Why Tilt And Turn Windows Are More Expensive Than The Casement Windows?

Why Tilt And Turn Windows Are More Expensive Than The Casement Windows?

As far as the straight forward answer to the question is concerned, yes, tilt and turn windows are more expansive than the casement windows, and by far, many other types. It seems a little obvious as the former has a more sophisticated design and technology than the latter, and also, it has a host of other features that justifies the price. We are going to explore them one by one. At the end of the article, if you had any intention to buy tilt and turn windows for your home, you will surely be convinced to pay the price for them.

Before we get into the benefits of them, let us first take a peek into the working of tilt and turn windows. These windows, thanks to the engineering behind them, can be used in three different ways: Fixed, tilt and open. When the handle is placed in the downward position, it will make the window fixed in its position. Turning the handle 90 degrees allows the window to swing inward. With the handle in the 180-degree position, or upward, it will allow the upper face to tilt open.

I am sure that the above paragraph has given you the idea of how versatile the tilt and turn windows could be. There are a lot of other exciting features which are as follow:


The primary function of all windows is to ensure proper ventilation of the house. With tilt and turn windows, the ventilation has become more advanced, and more controlled. If you are planning to leave your house for summer vacation, and want it to not smell musty when you return, the tilt option is there to ensure that. Also, it allows for the escape of warm air in extreme summers. The turning of windows, on the other hand, allows for maximum ventilation. Lastly, the fixed window position makes it impossible for the room environment altered by the outside environment, and aids the air conditioner to keep the room temperature constant.   


Tilt and turn windows provide better security without compromising the ventilation of the room or house. A fully opened window may help in thorough ventilation, but it is also a great security liability. The tilt option is, therefore, is the best of both worlds. Furthermore, such windows have a robust structure, and thus deter the intruders to barge in the house. Also, the in-swing hinges further add to the security by barring the forced/pulled opening of the window.

 Why Tilt And Turn Windows Are More Expensive Than The Casement Windows?


 No other window can even come near to the aesthetics of tilt and turn windows.  They have hundreds of color schemes for both the frame and the handle. Both aluminum and wooden version are appealing to the eyes, and the frame materials are not limited to these two only. If privacy is a concern, these windows also come in many obscure glazing options that ensure the entrance of natural light without compromising privacy. Overall, they have a sleek design, and don’t need extra space to provide adequate ventilation—the tilt option is there for rooms where you can’t afford your window to be fully opened due to limitation of space. The improved versions have hidden hinges making the whole design impeccable.


Not all the windows are airtight as it requires due diligence on the part of the manufacturers and certain design parameters to be met. Many of the designs—like sliding, single hung, and double-hung—have innate limitations that give way to water and air leakage. Specific considerations are made to the design of tilt and turn windows to not disappoint the users in this particular aspect. These windows are airtight, thanks to the air seals at the corner and superior quality of material used. 

Large size, ease of use and maintenance

 Tilt and turn windows are available in sufficiently large sizes, and the extent to which can go up in size is the most amazing aspect of them.  One 32 sq. ft. sized version is popular among many house owners and architects alike, as it allows for an unobstructed view and natural light entrance into the facility.

Ease of use and maintenance are other important reasons to prefer these windows over others. You can effortlessly clean the window with risking your life climbing up the ladder, or leaning outside the window.