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Why You Need the Best Helmet When Cycling

Why You Need the Best Helmet When Cycling

Did you know that 54% of reported cycling fatalities are associated with not wearing a helmet? So, if you are a rider and you don’t wear a helmet, it’s time you do so.  

There are different types of bike helmets for big heads and small heads, and so you have no reason to be without this safety gear. For example, we have options for road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, electric bikes, to name a few. Find the best reviews online in choosing the best bike for you at Riders On Wheels.

But why should you invest in a helmet? Here are nine reasons why I think you should consider the idea:

1. Protects Your Head During An Accident

According to studies, a bike helmet can reduce the risk of sustaining a head injury during an accident by 70%. So, a bike helmet may not prevent an accident but can save you from suffering a brain injury. 

During a collision, most of the impact is felt by the head. A bike helmet creates a cushioning layer that protects your skull from the impact. 

Even if your helmet breaks, the energy created by the impact is absorbed by the helmet’s cushioning layer and doesn’t end up in your head. 

2. Protects Your Face Too During An Accident

A mountain bike helmet protects your face just as much as your head and brain. Remember, your face is just as vulnerable as your head during an accident. So, you should protect it at all times when cycling. 

Nothing is distressing like a huge ugly scar on the face. So, if you want to avoid such an incident, you should always wear a helmet when biking. 

A good helmet will protect your mouth, eyes, and nose in the event of a collision. So, it’s not just about the scars that you should avoid but also having to impair any of these facial parts. 

3. Protects You Against Harsh Weather

If you commute to work using your bicycle, there’s always the chance that the weather may turn harsh. If it rains, for example, your beautiful dry hair may get wet, but that’s not the most severe effect. 

Rain may obscure your vision. It’s also the same thing with the snow. You need a helmet to allow you to see since you’ll not have to close your eyes while cycling. 

A helmet, like the one from Fox Racing collection, can also protect your head against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, as well as strong winds. With it, it becomes easy to navigate the roads when the weather turns cruel.

4. Makes You Visible On The Roads

There is nothing dangerous for a biker than cycling on the road when motorists can’t see you. If that happens, there’s always the danger of suffering an accident. 

Most bike helmets for big heads come with inbuilt reflectors to allow oncoming motorists to see you from a distance. Others let you attach a headlamp, which is just as effective as inbuilt reflectors. 

You can also tie a reflector tape to the traditional bicycle helmet, and it will serve the same purpose.

 Why You Need the Best Helmet When Cycling

5. Can Help You Avoid Costly Medical Bills

The cost of treating a head or face injury is not cheap. It could drain your accounts. Sometimes, even your medical insurance cannot rescue you, mainly if you are found not to have worn a helmet during the accident. 

You may even lose money by taking the insurance company to court. So, if you don’t want the stress, and more importantly, if you want to avoid costly medical bills, wear a bike helmet. 

The simple gear could literary save you from spending weeks or months in a hospital bed.

6. Be An Example To Your Kids

Kids will copy what you do, and that includes wearing a helmet. So, if you are looking to teach them to embrace the idea of always wearing a helmet whenever they go cycling, then you also have to wear it as often as possible. 

You can even get the little ones kids’ helmets and lead by example. And in case they forget to wear the head protector, you should remind them to do so.  

7. Can Come To Your Rescue During Damage Claims

Let’s say you suffer an accident, but your only fault is not wearing a helmet. What do you think the other party (the one at-fault) will say? 

They would probably argue that the impact of the accident would have been a minor one if you had worn a helmet. And if the judge also finds you liable for not wearing a helmet, you may even lose the benefits. 

So, why take such an expensive risk when you can avoid all issues with just wearing a bike helmet?

8. Keeps Your Head Warm

It can be very cold cycling in the outdoors, especially during the cold season. The good news is that you can protect your head from the cold air by wearing a helmet. 

This riding gear comes with several layers, including a thickly padded inner layer that helps to retain heat. 

So, you’ll end up feeling warm even though the situation outside the helmet is different. If your head feels warm, then you’ll feel comfortable cycling in the cold. 

9. Become A Law-Abiding Citizen

In most states, wearing a helmet is mandatory when cycling on the roads. You may find yourself on the wrong side of the law for leaving out this essential riding gear. 

Some of these states include Alabama, Georgia, California, Maryland, and Louisiana. In these states, everyone who rides on public roads, regardless of age, should wear a helmet. 

Others like Utah, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Michigan require anyone below 21 to wear a helmet. But still, we have a few others like Illinois and New Hampshire, which have no-helmet laws.

But still, having a no-helmet law doesn’t mean that you should ride carelessly given the importance of this safety gear. 


The benefits of bike helmets for big heads and small heads are many. So, you have the reasons to invest in this essential riding gear.  

If you care about your life, then a bike helmet is a must-have. It’s time you grab yours today!