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Why You Should Book A Family Holiday In Lincolnshire

Why You Should Book A Family Holiday In Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is often underrated, but it’s a gorgeous part of the country and the perfect location for a relaxing family holiday. Here are just some of the reasons that Lincoln is such a popular destination for UK holidaymakers.

Close to historic Lincoln

If you’re someone who likes to take in some of the historic sights when you go on holiday, then Lincolnshire is a great location because the city the county it’s named for, Lincoln, is absolutely steeped in history.

Lincoln is home to medieval Lincoln Cathedral, which is enormous and at the same time was built with incredible attention to detail. The architects behind the building were masters of the gothic style and had really perfected their art by the time they were working on it; it’s not to be missed.

The royal charter of rights the Magna Carta is housed in Lincoln Castle, along with a Victorian prison, which makes it another place that you’ll want to be certain to include in your historic sightseeing. There’s also a self-guided roman trail of the city that you can download for your smartphone, which is a great way of exploring with some historical context.

Lakeside views in luxury

If you’re a fan of the Scandinavian concept of ‘Hygge,’ and you also fancy a UK-based break this year, then you can’t go far wrong with the cosy lodges that Away Holidays have on offer at their Lincolnshire holiday park at Tattershall Lakes. The lakeside lodges have a rustic log cabin feel to them, and they’re designed with families in mind, so they’re nice and spacious, meaning that everyone has the room to relax together while enjoying their own space, too.

 Why You Should Book A Family Holiday In Lincolnshire

Pet-friendly holidays

It can be a bit of a nightmare booking a holiday when you have a dog to worry about! Do you book your four-legged friend into kennels and know that you’ll spend the whole of your holiday slightly worried about how they are doing? Or do you bring them with you, knowing that this will impact your choice of accommodation?

Luckily, Lincolnshire is a popular destination for dog-loving holidaymakers, and as such, there are a lot of choices when it comes to pet-friendly accommodation. Your pooch will have a wonderful time exploring Lincolnshire’s many walks, getting to know all of the new sites and smells, and taking you along for the ride.


When you think of Lincolnshire, watersports might not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

However, it’s actually a county that is full of opportunities to get into the water. The water park at Tattershall lakes has wakeboarding, water skiing, swimming, and jet skiing, and there are also pedalo’s available for those of you who want to be out on the water at a slightly more sedate pace. It can turn your UK holiday into a full-filled adventure that leaves you wanting more. 

Tattershall castle

Tattershall Castle is a fifteenth-century red brick castle that was formerly home to the Treasurer to King Henry VI. The building is so extraordinary because it shows evidence from the early medieval right the way to the present day. The buildings all come from different time periods, and they all have their own fascinating stories to tell. This makes it a fantastic destination to anyone that loves history or simply loves to learn.