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Why Your Construction Company Needs a Mover on Its Side

That’s right. Your construction company needs a mover to help it out—day-to-day labor, customer move-ins, and plenty of other ways too. You may have the big trucks, but the movers have manpower and expertise on their side. Let them in, and they can show you what they can do.

Heavy-duty Machinery

There’s no need to put miles on your trucks or your precious machinery when movers can put miles on theirs instead. In fact, that’s the whole purpose of hiring a mover when shifting machinery from one site to another. However, we recommend hiring a mover for the term of the job or the term that you’ll be in the area. You can schedule lots of dates prior to the move and adjust them as necessary. That way, if a project finishes up early or ends up behind, you just need to pick up a phone and call your buddies at the moving company.

 Why Your Construction Company Needs a Mover on Its Side


Need a load of sheetrock, but all your trucks are full of brick? Yeah, the moving company can handle that. OTR moving companies are more than happy to pick up your load of sheetrock and bring it to the job site, most of the time at near-cost wages for you and your workers. This saves you man-hours and keeps your team from having to find a place to put brick when there isn’t anywhere safe to do so. There’s only so much room at the site, after all. Sometimes those trucks get in sooner than your mortar men can work.

 Why Your Construction Company Needs a Mover on Its Side


And this brings us to another point. Movers may not be willing to do the landscaping work for you, but they’re happy to haul in foliage, sod, and other necessary landscaping items. Again, this not only frees up your trucks to do additional work, but it saves time in unloading as well. This is especially handy if one of your loaders happens to go down in the middle of the day.

If a moving company can load it, it makes certain that it can also unload it. You’ll be great business partners with your moving company if you keep it busy when its reservations are low, and a construction site always has plenty of work for a moving company to do.

 Why Your Construction Company Needs a Mover on Its Side

Office Moving

If you’re working out of trailers, which is pretty common for most construction sites, your trailer(s) will need to be moved at the end of the job. Instead of renting a crane and having to haul it onto the back of one of your rigs, let the moving company work with it. Most movers already have cranes in their service for moving small buildings like that of a trailer. And for a small fee, they’re willing to deliver it anywhere you need it.

 Why Your Construction Company Needs a Mover on Its Side

Sales/Move-In Specials

This is the big one. It doesn’t matter what you’re building; eventually, someone will be moving into it. If you can work a deal between a moving company and the owner of the property, you may get some profits in a kickback for suggesting that moving company as the mover to prospective renters or buyers. Not only is that free money, but it’s assisting another business that has entered into a profitable negotiation with you. Even if the project is covering the move-in fee, thus paying the moving company, projects like that can continue on to very profitable partnerships.

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