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Wright Design Co. Launch World’s First Magnetic Multi-Tip Drawing Pen

The Wright Pen - World’s First Magnetic Multi-tip Drawing Pen

Wright Design Co. has launched the world’s first magnetic multi-tip drawing pen on Kickstarter to celebrate the end of #Ink- tober2018, with over 4 million posts on Instagram in participation for this year’s challenge. The Wright Pen is a 3-in-1 drawing pen that features three different line weights encapsulated in a beautiful, minimalistic aluminum body. Switching line weights is easy and satisfying; simply stack the magnetic bodies to choose your desired tip.

Every element of the pen has been carefully curated and precisely engineered with quality materials to create a product that can fulfill your drawing needs. The outer body of the pen is made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, and anodized for a beautiful fingerprint-resistant matte finish.

“We’ve chosen to use Copic’s Multiliner SP series of Micron tips to guarantee the best, smoothest writing experience,” says Singapore based design studio. “As an industry standard, Copic Multiliner SP tips are consistent and replaceable easily.”

 The Wright Pen - World’s First Magnetic Multi-tip Drawing Pen

The ink cartridges contain premium quality India ink, which is a water-resistant pigment based ink that is ideal for sketching and drawing. The three refillable ink reservoirs contain 40% more ink than typical drawing pens. To refill the pens, simply unscrew the pen head and refill them with your choice of ink.

 The Wright Pen - World’s First Magnetic Multi-tip Drawing Pen

The Wright Pen is fidget-friendly. The three main body parts, as well as the cap, are magnetized. Strong neodymium magnets are chosen to hold the bodies together with a satisfying click. The cap stacks together with the pen bodies, so you will not have to worry about losing it.

While its sleek body resembles a normal pen, The Wright Pen comprises three separate writing pens of different line weights that can be customized to your preference. Stack them to your preference, or share them with a friend.

With the Wright Pen, functionality and aesthetics blend together seamlessly without any luxury markup. The Wright Pen was founded on Kickstarter in the first hour upon launch and is available for purchase on the crowdfunding site.