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Your Guide To Designing Your New Beach House

Your Guide To Designing Your New Beach House

There are many undeniable facts about living in a beach house. It could be soul-refreshing and extremely soothing to live in a beach house that serves to take the stress off of our usual hectic schedule. While designing the beach house, it is essential to retain the look and breezy vibe of the beach house and accessorize it appropriately so that it gets inspired by the coastal theme with ample pops of color and accessories. Let us discuss the unique ways to design the beach house while throwing due light on its security protocols.

Creating The Major Design Waves In The Interiors Of The Beach House

There are few tried and tested ways to décor the beach houses, as it has been done this way for ages, such as using the best white paint to drape the walls, using a mix of comfortable and casual furniture, and adding a lot of props and accessories with the beach theme. Though these are common for all houses and coastal reign, here are some of the out-of-the-box ways to design the beach house.

Choosing The Interior Design Theme That Suits Your Taste

When it comes to choosing the interior design styles of the home along the coastal side, people generally get obsessed with the nautical designs or wish to décor it with an antique charm. However, most modern interior designs incorporate beautiful seaside retreats with the help of ambient colors and furniture picks. Try decorating the home with neutral and vibrant colors and adding texture-rich driftwood decors to enhance the home’s aesthetics. When it comes to getting the beach house tacky, there are endless possibilities, but it can get the home feel more like an island getaway when accomplished right. For plain walls, try hanging oars on the wall, beach signs to add a little color.

Incorporating Florals And Botanical Themes

Adding florals and instilling a botanical theme in the interior décor of the beach house will render it a natural element. You can try lining the home exteriors with roses and lilies and use lush plants such as palms and succulents to décor the garden of the beach house. And try painting the home with vibrant and bright colors such as coral, turquoise and yellow to add more style and elegance to its stately styles.

 Your Guide To Designing Your New Beach House

Incorporating In-House Tech Solutions

For most people, the beach house will be a vacation home and will be a place to enjoy during holidays and a destination to unwind and escape from troubles. But it is not uncommon to worry about the safety of their beach house as they are prone to burglary, vandalism, and also natural disasters. As these homes are generally far away from the first homes, protecting the property gets complex, and thus we have to rely on many in-house tech solutions to protect the house’s security.

When it comes to home security systems, technology has advanced to a great level. Be it video door entry, burglar alarm, and surveillance cameras, the technology with the home security systems has grown pretty much from the yesteryears. The CCTV systems have become quite popular over the past few decades, and they also serve as an affordable means of security. We can combine them with hi-tech locks that are tough to break through. Consulting the best residential locksmith services can help figure out the best and safest door locks for holiday homes that feature the most advanced features and safety foundation and challenges the burglars.

Investing In Advanced Home Security Systems

Some problems with beach houses are that they are empty for most days of the year and are bombarded with weather extremes. Humidity, lightning, short electric systems are some factors that could challenge the security of the beach home. Also, most of these holiday homes are concealed by trees and grass that can be excellent hiding spaces for invaders.

Thus, along with spending on the interior décor of the beach homes, it is mandatory to spend on the home security systems packed with fire and smoke sensors. They will sense and track the first sign of trouble and notifies the appropriate people instantly. You can also try including video surveillance in your home security system. However, having a smart lock might not be a great idea.

Bottom Line

Burglars generally target the holiday homes during the off-season as they know that the property is empty and easy to break-in. Having the best home security and surveillance system coupled with hi-tech locks that are hard to break in can offer the most effective protection for holiday homes.