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Your Move Simplified: Apps That Will Help You Move When Remodeling

Your Move Simplified: Apps That Will Help You Move When Remodeling

An average person has dozens of apps on their phone. From Google maps to irreplaceable social media apps, our phones have been rapidly running out of storage space. But, if you are moving, you have to make sure you free up some space, as apps that will help you move when remodeling have been invented recently. If you are looking for something to make your life more bearable in the days to come, then this is it! Isn’t it fascinating how much we as a civilization have evolved? The Internet gives us possibilities we could have never dreamed of. From selling our products online to using apps that help us organize complicated projects, nothing is out of reach in this era.

 Your Move Simplified: Apps That Will Help You Move When Remodeling

There is no need to plan your move the old fashioned way anymore.


Oftentimes described as the ultimate organizer app, Sortly is a must for all those moving due to remodeling. Keeping track of all of your possessions is a tedious and challenging task. Unless you like to do things the old-fashioned way and make an inventory list on a piece of paper, you should use this organizing app. How does it work?

All you need to do is select a folder, for example ‘bedroom’ and start snapping pics of the items you plan to take with you. Once you are done, you will have a database of all the items you plan to move to your new bedroom, and the ones that are superfluous. Do this for every room in the house and you have a concise overview of all of your items waiting for you – and it’s only a few clicks away.


Have you ever moved before? If you have, then you certainly know how much planning goes into an average relocation. Not to mention how many tasks you have to take care of before the actual moving date. From packing your clothes for the move to buying the packing materials and deciding on the Best Cross Country Movers for you, this process can be a nightmare. But, not in the 21st century and not with Wunderlist. What does it do?

Wunderlist is, in essence, an online to-do list. It allows you to create lists, schedule deadlines and set reminders for different tasks. You can also share it with those close to you so that they can be of help during your move. And with the option of assigning tasks to different people, moving when remodeling has never been easier. Finally, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, and it’s all thanks to Wunderlist.

 Your Move Simplified: Apps That Will Help You Move When Remodeling

Track your unfinished assignments and set deadlines with a few well-placed clicks.


Are you looking for the ultimate helper in the upcoming period? Then the answer to your problem lies in using the apps that will help you move when remodeling, and one of the best ones is Moved. By using Moved, you get to work with an actual person, just like you would in real life. The only difference is that here, all the communication is reduced to text messaging. How does it work? 

After answering a few basic questions, such as the distance of your move, as well as the date, Moved will connect you with the aforementioned live assistant. That person will help you book moving companies, find the best decorators in the area, and rent the most affordable storage solutions available. Seems perfect? Even though, usually, if something is too good to be true, it probably is, this is an exception. Moved is, at least for the time being, completely free of charge, and it is 100% easy to use.


When you think about moving, as well as remodeling, plenty of different tasks come to mind. For starters, there’s packing and unpacking, and those two will keep any person busy. But rare are those who think outside the box and actually realize that, during this period, they will have to eat something. And that’s when Postmates come in handy. How can it help you? 

 Your Move Simplified: Apps That Will Help You Move When Remodeling

Say goodbye to meal preparation by using Postmates – one of the best apps that will help you move when remodeling.

Postmates works by the order-and-receive method. It allows you to order meals, toiletries and cleaning supplies from dozens of stores and restaurants in your city. Seeing that it is available in 200 cities, plenty of users can benefit from this app. The best thing about it? It allows you more time for just about anything – from creating a moving plan to designing a better business model, Postmates lets you focus on what really matters. And that’s why it doesn’t seem likely that it will come off the list of the best apps that will help you move when remodeling any time soon.


Both moving and remodeling are the perfect time for starting over. After all, it’s what these two processes are all about. If you wish to finally get rid of all that clutter that has piled up over the years, then all you need is Letgo. How does it work?

Letgo is basically an app that connects buyers with sellers. Whether you want to be on the buyer or seller end of the spectrum, it’s up to you. But Letgo is one of the best apps that help you move when remodeling simply because it can help you sell your superfluous items, as well as buy items others have to spare and you are in dire need of. Available for both Android and iOS, Letgo is the app you need when moving/remodeling. 

All the apps that will help you move when remodeling have one thing in common

They all strive to make your life as easy as possible in the days to come. With their help and the help of urdesignmag.com, rest assured that this undertaking will be as smooth as it gets. We’ve done our job – now it’s up to you to choose the apps you want to utilize.