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Your One Stop Guide to Clear the Salesforce Admin Exam

Your One Stop Guide to Clear the Salesforce Admin Exam

Salesforce plays a crucial role in connecting the customers to the business and vice-versa. As the world is getting more digital, the need for Salesforce has also increased significantly. 

More and more companies have started using Salesforce management systems to strengthen customer relationships and expand their business. This is why Salesforce has become a popular career option for people.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s most powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) tool. The software is based on the cloud and is an ideal platform to interact and connect with customers. 

Businesses use this management system to understand customer requirements and solve their problems in a fast and reliable manner. It helps companies deploy customer-centric applications which help them build deeper and stronger bonds with customers.

Why should professionals pursue Salesforce certification?

As Salesforce CRM is becoming a prominent part of every type of business, the demand for Salesforce professionals has also increased.

According to a study conducted by IDC, there will be 3.3 million Salesforce jobs by the year 2022. The Salesforce Administrator job was ranked as the 4th best job on Indeed in 2017 and Salesforce professionals earn an average salary of $95k. 

Recruiters desire candidates who hold a Salesforce Administrator certification for this job. This is why professionals should pursue Salesforce Administration certification. 

The certification trains you in all aspects of Salesforce CRM administration. You learn how to implement automation, troubleshooting, user interfaces, security, customer-centric applications and much more. You will also be able to implement, configure and manage sales and Service clouds.

The Salesforce Admin certification dumps is aligned with the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam and prepares you for the same. This exam allows you to secure the best Salesforce administrator jobs and also enables you to get better opportunities and job security.

 Your One Stop Guide to Clear the Salesforce Admin Exam

Benefits of Taking the Salesforce Administrator ADM 201 Certification Exam

Here are few of the benefits of taking Salesforce Administration ADM 201 certification exam:

  • Better Salary

One of the main benefits of taking this certification exam is that you get better salaries than people who don’t give this exam. This is because this exam tests your knowledge and understanding of the CRM and its administrative processes. If you score well in this exam, it indicates that you have a complete understanding of Salesforce and are eligible for a better salary.

  • Better Job Security

Holding a Salesforce Administrator certification not only gives you better job opportunities but also provides you better job security.

  • Better Credibility

The Salesforce Administration Certification exam is a proof of your credibility which indicates that you are more skilled in managing and implementing Salesforce administration processes.

Salesforce Administrator ADM 201 certification exam details

  • Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for appearing for a Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam.

  • Exam Cost

The registration fee for the Salesforce Administrator ADM 201 exam is USD 200. Taxes may be added as per the local law.

  • Duration of exam

The exam typically has 60 questions which need to be answered within 105 minutes.

  • Types of questions

There will be 60 questions in total which include multiple choice as well as multiple answer type questions.

The multiple choice questions contain 4 answer choices among which a single option is correct.

In multiple answers type questions, there are 5 answer choices in which 2 answers are correct.

  • Score required

To pass the exam, you need to score a total of 65% or above marks.

  • Areas covered

Here is a list of areas you need to study for the exam and their weightage from exam point of view:

    • Sales and marketing applications: 15%
    • Standard and custom objects: 15%
    • Security and access: 14%
    • Service and support applications: 12%
    • Workflow/process automation: 12%
    • Analytics: 10%
    • Data management: 8%
    • User setup: 7%
    • Activity management and collaboration: 3%
    • Organization setup: 2%
    • Desktop and mobile administration: 1%
    • AppExchange: 1%

 Your One Stop Guide to Clear the Salesforce Admin Exam

How Mock Test Help in Preparing for the Exam 

If you are planning on appearing for the Salesforce Administrator ADM 201 exam, preparing with the help of mock test/stimulators is a productive way.

Here’s how mock test/simulators help you prepare for the exam:

  • Mock tests familiarize you with the exam structure

When you prepare by giving mock tests you get a better understanding of the exam pattern and structure. You can learn how to manage and divide your time and answer 60 questions within 105 minutes.

  • They give you an idea of what type of questions to expect in the actual exam

The practice tests give you a better idea about the nature of questions that will be asked in the actual exam. You are also able to understand which topics are important from exam point of view and you can prepare yourself accordingly.

  • Helps you realize your strengths and weaknesses

By giving mock tests you realize which topics and concepts you haven’t understood completely. Once you know your weaknesses you can dedicate time into learning those concepts.


If you want to become a Salesforce Administrator you should give the Salesforce Administrator ADM 201 certification exam for a successful career. Salesforce Admin courses and Free practice tests can help you prepare and excel the exam by strengthening your concepts and knowledge about Salesforce CRM!