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Your Ultimate Guide To Summer Bedding 

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Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

As the warmer months are in full force, we all can struggle with achieving that ultimate sleeping temperature in the summer months. With the latest in bedding technology revolutionizing the market, the introduction of Smart Temperature bedding is a must to incorporate in your summer bedroom. Alongside the adaptive cooling bedding matching and regulating your body temperature throughout the night, there are also numerous stylistic choices to revamp your bedroom to give it a taste of summer. Whether that’s from cushions to bedding, or even a take away duvet for those summer camping trips. We’ve got the ultimate go-to guide on summer bedding you’re going to want to include! 

Smart Temperature Bedding 

With the latest in smart temperature technology revolutionizing the world of bedding, it’s the perfect go-to for changing your sheets this summer. Delivering both insant and continuous cooling technology the use of smart temperature technology in textiles has revolutionized the bedding world. With the dynamic cooling system from Swiss innovators using a patented polymer technology (hydro-functional polymer and bio-based thermo-functional polymer) to provide an automatic cooling response, it’s the bedding of the future.

Cooling Bed Sheets 

The Smart temperature bed sheets aligned with HeiQ®  technology recognize your body temperature fluctuations throughout the night and adapt throughout the night, so you’ll never be awoken again from being hot and frustrated. By using the HeiQ® technology, it gives fabrics dynamic heat response capabilities as they match to your body temperature and regulate through the night. The ideal solution for those who suffer with night sweats and those who find themselves unable to match the constant fluctuations in temperature this summer.

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Smart Temperature Duvets 

If cooling smart temperature bed sheets weren’t enough, then you’ll love the cooling duvet cover, also using Smart temperature technology as the ultimate summer duo. The ultimate option for those who love to grab hold of a duvet over them, even in the hottest months. The option of a truly breathable duvet cover and the involvement of smart materials like Modal, derived from natural wood plump. Is a perfect ingredient for helping to wick moisture away from the body in that heatwave. 

The Best Summer Styles 

Whether you’ve booked a holiday or just need to bring one to your bedroom, a Tropical print duvet is an ideal solution to liven up your bedroom this summer. When choosing a duvet sheet the sustainability factor and its cotton is a huge aspect to look out for. Supporting cotton communities whilst protecting and restoring the environment is an important role in sourcing good bedding. Alongside it’s cotton count and breathability as well as its style! Matching with tropical print cushions to transform your whole bedroom.   

The Ultimate Travel Duvet 

Summer means only one thing to some – camping. But what would be a great alternative in comparison to a sleeping bag? The answer being the duvet sleeping bag, acting as a coverless duvet bringing comfort and convenience into one. With the trendy quilted styling using lightweight fiber, the 3-in-1 can be used as a double or two singles with wrapped round comfort coming with two-way access and an auto-lock zip, keeping you secure and snug all night long. So, whatever the sleeping arrangement this summer, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!