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Zim & Zou Window Installation for Hermès, Barcelona


French Zim & Zou studio have realized a stunning window display for the Hermès store in Paseo De Gracià, Barcelona. The installation tells the story of a fox who moved into the window with all his personal objects, showing a bit of his life and personality. The leather fox is living in a human interior composed with furnitures all made of paper, giving a surrealistic aspect to the scene. Each piece of the window display was made by hand.

 2-zim-zou-window-for-hermes-barcelona 3-zim-zou-window-for-hermes-barcelona 4-zim-zou-window-for-hermes-barcelona 5-zim-zou-window-for-hermes-barcelona 6-zim-zou-window-for-hermes-barcelona 7-zim-zou-window-for-hermes-barcelona

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