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Zimoun Encloses an Interactive Installation Within A Shipping Container


On the occasion of Art Basel, Swiss artist Zimoun has conceived a new immersive installation enclosed within an old shipping container. Lined with hundreds of paper bags – placed on the walls, floor, and ceiling of the container – each bag contains an engine, which moves it independently. Completely surrounded by a large number of small sound generation systems, the viewer is immersed in a three-dimensional sound composition.


One person at the time can access the container through an opening on its floor. The container stands on some kind of “legs” which allow the audience to walk under the container. Despite the consciously chosen simplicity, the system shows organic characteristics and complex behaviors that create an apparent vibrancy. Thousands of small paper sounds – crunching, murmuring, rustling and crackling – develop and meld into an all-encompassing audio space. The interactive installation has been realized by Zimoun for Sennheiser will be presented at Art Basel, Switzerland from tomorrow June 16 until June 19, 2016.

  zimoun-encloses-an-interactive-installation-within-a-shipping-container-3 zimoun-encloses-an-interactive-installation-within-a-shipping-container-4 zimoun-encloses-an-interactive-installation-within-a-shipping-container-5

all images and video courtesy of Zimoun