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10 Wall Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

10 Wall Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

A bathroom is an intensely personal space that needs to function in many ways as a place to be alone and to relax. Bathroom décor is just as essential as the décor of any other room in the house. However, one may need to be even more creative since bathrooms are typically the smallest places in the house which is why wall decoration is such a great idea to really upgrade the space. 

1. An Industrial Touch 

The industrial touch in interior décor is very fashionable as it incorporates rustic and metallic elements. Use metal features to upgrade your wall décor such as black pipes (especially ones that perform a function such as a towel rack), hanging light fixtures and framed brass, gold or silver mirrors, and wall art. Many people also paint their bathroom walls grey or black so that whatever you put on them stands out more. 

2. Half A Wallpaper

Putting wallpaper on all the walls would appear a little dated by modern standards but wallpapering one or two walls and leaving the others blank is an incredibly modern and chic way to use this design element. If you want vintage wallpaper this idea is perfect for you as it prevents the general aura of the bathroom from being overwhelmed by one print everywhere. It can also set the stage for incorporating other elements in the rest of the bathroom that follow the same theme as the wallpaper you have chosen.

3. Seasonal Wall Décor

Many people prefer to change décor with the changing of the seasons. Summer wall décor for example would be hanging flower pots, wall art with bright colors like yellow and orange, and maybe a refreshing blue. The coming of autumn for instance would mean all décor should be in more auburn and burnt orange colors along with taupe, brown, and grey. Not to mention falling leaves will definitely need to feature in your wall art! 

4. A Tiled Existence 

A bathroom is known for its choice of tiles. Many people prefer to have exotic-looking tiles for their shower and bath area and leave bare walls in the rest of the bathroom so they can hang various decorative items there or install shelving. Tiling over a smaller area means you can use specialty tiles that have a certain effect or interesting print on them like a geometric print which you may not want to use on all the walls of your bathroom.

 10 Wall Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

5. A Beauty Shelf Extraordinaire

Everyone has seen those enviable beauty shelves on Instagram that look like they came right out of a magazine. If you are a beauty product enthusiast and want to display your beautiful cosmetics in your bathroom then glass shelving is the perfect way to do it. You can have a contractor or a team of bathroom remodelers create a dip in the wall as well (if none exists in your bathroom) for a more deep-set effect. Not only will you get extra space for all your favorite products, but your bathroom will also be good enough for the camera! 

It is a common assumption that everyone needs something to read in the bathroom. A gallery wall is the perfect, most picturesque solution. A gallery wall in the bathroom is sure to be incredibly personalized hosting a range of artwork, magazine articles, postcards, photographs, and even cartoons that count among your favorites. 

Many people even put photographs of their loved ones if they have a particularly large bathroom and it is more of a showpiece bathroom complete with a dressing table and other amenities. For custom house portrait enthusiasts, the wall of your bathroom is another space to make use of the prints you possess. You can also have a gallery wall done up entirely with black and white wall art if the other design elements in your bathroom are loud and colorful. 

7. Mirrors For Décor

If you have a small bathroom a large wall-length or floor-length mirror can be a complete lifesaver. It creates an illusion that the room goes on and on and it has functional advantages in a bathroom as well. Use mirrors with different frames to decorate your bathroom and you’ll also find it easier to do your hair or apply your makeup in the morning! Mirrors can also be mounted with metal gold, brass, or rose gold frames or vintage metal frames for that visual appeal. 

8. One Large Picture

A bathroom may not seem like the place to go for a large art piece, painting, or mural but larger pieces of art can be perfect for a smaller room in general since they add space and do not make the area appear cluttered with small decorative items. Choose one mural or large artwork to frame and let that take center stage in your bathroom.

9. Organizing And Storage

The walls are the vertical space available in any bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, storage can be a real concern and the solution is to use the vertical space available in as creative a manner as possible. Installing organizers on your wall like baskets, wooden shelving, and ceramic organizers will give you plenty of space to store your products but can also be used for items like flower pots and picture frames. 

10. Wall Plaques And Dried Flowers

If there’s a quote you want to memorize, what better way than to put it up in your bathroom where you can see it every day? Frame a quote or a positive word or phrase in your bathroom so it’s the first thing you see every day and it starts off your day on a positive note. Dried flowers beautifully framed are also a pleasing sight and if you can’t find a wall hanging like that, it is easy to make your own framed flowers as well as a fun DIY Project. Each flower has its own story to tell for example lavender is synonymous with calming and positive thoughts so choose accordingly.