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12 Different Ideas for Designing Your Garden

12 Different Ideas for Designing Your Garden

Many people feel immensely dissatisfied by their gardens because they don’t know how to make good use of the space, resulting in them either looking barren and boring or overgrown and uninviting. Designing the exterior of your home can also be rather expensive, entailing costs which not everyone can afford. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. We’ve written this guide to help our readers by covering a whole variety of ideas for designing your garden, including everything from expensive revamps of garden turf to more affordable tips and tricks. If you’re looking for help and inspiration, then look no further. So, keep reading and find out how to make better use of your greenspace.

1. Vegetable Patches

Vegetable patches are perfect if you prefer functionality over aesthetics. These patches are also incredibly easy to create, maintain and irrigate. Start by selecting a portion of land on your garden. Either dig out the earth to create a bed or place down a planter. Purchase some vegetable bulbs and nutrient-rich soil, then spread the loam and bury your sprouts. Make sure to feed and water your vegetables as per their guidelines. A successful vegetable patch can really help your garden come alive, plus provide you with some delicious food on the side.

2. Flower Patches

Flower patches are another affordable way to beautify your garden, adding a smattering of colour throughout. Once again, choose a portion of land for either a flower bed or planter, then bury your flower bulbs. Remember to check what conditions and seasons are best for the flowers to grow in, otherwise, they’ll probably die before they have the chance to flourish. Don’t forget to consistently water them, too.

3. Shrubs and Trees

If you want to add texture and dimension to your garden, then shrubs and trees are the way to go. Once again, these are relatively affordable, and they require very little maintenance aside from being cut back and trimmed every so often. You can invest in a variety of shrubs, from topiaries to flowering bushes, depending on your preference and how you’d like to landscape your garden. Trees are perfect for those who love to nurture and watch things grow. There are few things more rewarding than seeing a sapling flourish.

4. Summer Houses

If you have a bigger budget for decorating your garden, then a summer house might be worth considering. Not only are these great for accommodating guests but they also double-up as sheds to store all your gardening equipment in. Some people like cosying down in their summer house to escape from the rest of the world, too. Before investing in one, you should measure the dimensions of your garden and plot out where it could go. Remember that a summer house will also affect the levels of sunlight in your garden. Regardless, they do make lovely additions to the garden, especially when painted and decorated.

 12 Different Ideas for Designing Your Garden

5. Decking & Patios

Decking and patios are great for adding aesthetic appeal to your garden and they can be used for functions like barbeques, too. What you choose depends on your preference, as they have equal advantages and disadvantages. Decking is quicker, cheaper, and easier to construct. It is typically made from wood, giving it a more natural appearance. However, it can become slippery in wet weather conditions, and needs to be maintained. Though patios are more expensive to buy and install, they’re easier to maintain and come in a variety of patterns. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to make your garden look more attractive.

6. Outdoor Furniture

It’s worthwhile investing in some outdoor furniture for your garden, too. People often buy chairs and tables made from rattan or wrought iron because these materials are natural-looking and weatherproof. Furnishings like swing seats are also a popular choice if you’re someone who likes to sit down, feel the breeze, and immerse yourself in nature. Outdoor sofas are great for this as well, giving you somewhere to luxuriate during the hot summer months. Have a look online and see what other people have done with their patio furniture to gain some additional inspiration.

7. Exterior Lighting

If you want some atmosphere in your garden at night-time, then you should install exterior lights. Don’t worry about weather conditions creating a safety hazard because there are plenty of suppliers who produce waterproof lighting for the outdoors. We recommend installing wall lights that illuminate your patio or decking, so you can enjoy sitting outside in the evenings. LED halogen lamp posts are also brilliant for lighting up walkways.

8. Landscaping

If you want to completely renovate your garden, then landscaping is the way to go. This typically involves adding different sections and tiers to your garden, plus introducing things like pathways and patches for decorative foliage and flowers. Landscaping isn’t really something you can do yourself, though. It’s worth hiring professionals for because, otherwise, you could end up with a botch job that doesn’t look very good at all. As such, we recommend using a reliable and well-reviewed company like R & L Irrigation Services, who specialise in hardscaping, seeding and sodding, lawn care, turf management and irrigation. Transform your neglected garden into a beautiful outdoor living space that looks unrecognisable from how it did before.

 12 Different Ideas for Designing Your Garden

9. Fencing

Your fences have a significant impact on how aesthetically appealing your furniture is, so you should invest some time into finding the right style for you. There’s everything from picket to decorative prague. Fences are also great for painting, giving you a little more creative freedom with your garden. We think going for natural colours that blend in with the scenery is the best idea, such as dark country oak or forest green. These require less maintenance than white or light browns because dirt and decay aren’t as obvious to spot on them.

10. Trellises & Lattices

Much like the walls in your house, your fences can look rather bland without something to decorate them. This is where trellises and lattices come in. These decorative outdoor frames are not only intricately beautiful but they’re perfect for growing plants on, too. Anything from wisteria to ivy and honeysuckle will look brilliant, especially when they’re in bloom. Just remember – avoid placing a trellis or lattice near your home. If you’re growing something like ivy on them, this can cause serious structural damage to the house’s rendering.

11. Water Features

Another form of hardscaping, water features are a gorgeous addition to any garden. From fountains and waterfalls to reflecting pools and fish ponds, they make your home look more elegant and sophisticated than before. There’s a lot of potential for creativity with water features, so hire a contractor to bring your vision to life.

12. Firepits

Finally, we think a firepit or outdoor fireplace is the perfect finishing touch for your newly renovated garden. These bring some warmth and light to the outdoors, so you can cosy up at night under the stars. Firepits are also brilliant for gatherings like barbeques, especially now that most social interactions are limited to the outdoors nowadays.

We hope this article has helped you find some inspiration for decorating your garden. Start planning today to cultivate the perfect outdoor space for your home.