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Some of the Biggest Bathroom Trends for 2019

Some of the Biggest Bathroom Trends for 2019

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home.  It is where you can destress and relax – and it’s also a way to add value to your property if you are ever thinking of moving.  There are some great new trends that could make your bathroom look better than ever if you are looking for a change and in need of some inspiration. If you’re unsure about specific terms and what they refer to, bookmark this glossary of bathroom terms so you know the difference between a radiator valve and a radiator bleed valve.

Brighter and Bigger

There will be a massive focus on making sure that even small bathrooms create the illusion of space – even if it is on the compact side.  Getting light into the room is the best way to do this.  You can do this by having wide windows in place, and by getting the right lighting in place.  You can add lighting effects under your bathtub – or added to fixtures and fittings.  This will also give your bathroom a modern feel.  Another way to do this is to have large mirrors, this will automatically make the room look bigger.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach

There is lots of focus on ensuring our homes are environmentally friendly, and bathrooms are included in this.  There are fairly simple ways for you to do this such as installing a low-flow toilets or shower heads which tend to be more efficient – to even adding in motion sensor faucets that are really only active when they need to be.  There are also some great upcycling design ideas that you can look at that won’t only make your bathroom more environmentally friendly – but give it a sense of quirkiness in terms of design.

 Some of the Biggest Bathroom Trends for 2019

Focus on Accessibility

An increasing number of people are remodeling their bathrooms not just for the purpose of making it more comfortable for themselves, but with the view of making their home more desirable if on the market.  Bathrooms, where safety and accessibility measures are in place, are becoming increasingly important to prospective buyers.

Bathrooms are long-term investments – and not something that they would want to spend lots of money on at a later date should they need certain modifications. If you want some further insight on how to make your bathroom more accessible, Mobility Plus have listed 4 different ideas that you can consider which will improve your space for anyone who needs it.

Brassy Becomes Classy

When you think of brass faucets – you might be taken back to thoughts of your grandparent’s bathrooms, but in actual fact – they are now making a comeback.  Homeowners are beginning to see the advantages of brass bringing a warmer feel to their bathroom – and how it is a perhaps less clinical approach to silver of chrome.  The added bonus of this kind of style is that it’s much easier to maintain, and any fingerprints or spots are much less obvious.

 Some of the Biggest Bathroom Trends for 2019

Investment in Underfloor Heating

Since bathrooms are a sanctuary to us, we want to make sure that we are as comfortable and as relaxed as possible.  There is nothing worse than getting out the tub to find that you are left standing on a frozen cold floor.

This is where underfloor heating comes into play.  More and more people are including this as part of their home improvements for a much more luxury bathroom experience.  This is definitely something that will be advantageous when the colder nights are drawing in.

If you are thinking about updating your existing bathroom – then make sure that you have a think about some of the latest trends for some inspiration before you get started on your plans.

 Some of the Biggest Bathroom Trends for 2019